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12 Things every girl should know and do in her 20’s


20’s is not just a flow of numbers but is an empty baggage that has to be filled with lessons, memories and love. 20’s lo una prati ammayi ivi cheyyali. This way thana life meeda opinion and daaniki meaning telustundi.

1. Go on a solo trip.
2. Have your first drink with your family ( Interest inte matram ilane cheyyandi)
3. Try new and different hair styles. Mee family ni sweet ga convince cheyyandi. Ardham cheskune vaalle family!
4. Try and understand that material things are temporary. Go in search of more emotional things.
5. Oka trip ki vellandi with your friends and family separate ga.
6. Do not keep running for a brighter future. Present ni happy ga live cheyyandi.
7. Ni best friend tho unna friendship ni cherish cheyyandi.
8. Oka vela you have lost your best friend due to any misunderstandings, emi aalochinchakunda get her back. She will be your bestie again and this time forever.
9. Ni goals ni strict ga kakunda chaala flexible ga petkoni become a pro! But still do not lose your focus on your ambition.
10. Earn money.
11. Learn how to save and spend.
12. As your 20s age keeps growing, ni lo una child ni marichipokandi. It will make you live young forever.

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