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Things only a pizza lover will understand


Raise your hand if you love pizza! Hands count cheyyaniki kuda dare cheyyodhu. Ila chaala mandi ki pizza is just your life and evaraina pizza ni emaina ante manam oorukomu. We are not vegetarians or non-vegetarians. We are PIZZATARIANS. Ilanti vaallaki some things ki baaga close ga relate autharu.

1. Intlo evaru lekapothe and also no food, call the nearest pizza joint and have your favorite pizza while watching your favorite movie on tv also with a cool drink on bonus. Deenikante sukham endulo untadi bhaiyya.1 Things only a pizza lover will understand
2. Manaki breakup aina, relationship loki digina, we celebrate it with pizza.
3. Pizza without cheese is like an Ocean without water! Comparision ela una parledu. Pizza lovers ki ardham authadi 😛
4. Friends gang tho plan vesthe, it is always for eating a pizza.
5. Week lo eh day aina kuda, we know what pizza joint lo what deals untayo.
6. Pizza ni epudu kuda waste cheyyodhu..dani kante papam inka emi undadu.
7. People will not understand you. But a pizza will definitely.
8. A week without a pizza is the worst week ever.
9. Day lo eh time aina parledu. Manaki pizza ante pakka aakali authadi.
10. Evaraina pizza tindamu ani cheppinaka plan cancel chesthe, vaadini champestham.
11. Pizza box open cheshna prati saari we dance for the smell!

Ilanti pizza lovers meeku telisthe, tag and have fun!

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