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6 things only book lovers will understand!


If you are one such person, who can live thousand years in your own beautiful world where only you and your books exist, then this article is definitely for you. Check out the list of things only book lovers will relate to:

1. Book Sniffing1.Book LoversYes, turning up the pages and sniffing a book is one of the things that give us immense pleasure. It is also a way to express your love towards books.

2. Chapter ruleAs it is hard to stop once you start reading a book, you set a rule. It is just a way to set a limit to your reading habit in a day.

3. Books seems interesting than your lifeYou always feel that the story of the book is more interesting than your life.

4. Imagining yourself in the charactersYou start imagining yourself in particular characters in your book. Maybe it is because to under the story deeply or you might feel that you relate yourself to that character.

5. Hard to finish bookEvery time, you feel hard to finish a book.

6. You have less number of friends and more books in your libraryYou believe the saying that a good book is equal to a hundred friends. You never feel bored when you are with books.

7. You love printed books than e-booksPrint books have pages that are nice and soft to touch. The paper makes reading physically pleasurable.

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