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8 Things You Can Do A Lot With Just A Little Curd


Perugu mana health ki chaala manchidi and to beat just curd, you can make a hell lotta dishes with it. here are a few ones you know and few you do not.

1. Make some refreshing and tasty curd rice to beat stress and heat.1 things you can do a lot with just a little curd
2. Masala buttermilk is the simplest of things you can make to keep your stomach and digestive process very active
3. Dahi Kebabs!!! They are as tasty and wonderful as they sound.
• Take some hung curd (curd hung in muslin cloth over night) and mix it with paneer, coriander, sauted onion and ginger, pepper, elaichi powder, almonds, raisins and some salt. Make round kebabs and pat some cornflour to make it perfectly shaped. Dip it in some breadcrumbs or crushed oats and grill them on a pan covered with oil!!!!
4. A delicious and flavorful sweet, Shrikhand.
• Take some hung curd. Add sugar, elaichi powder and mix well. Freeze the mixture garnished with a little more elaichi powder for 2 hours and have it with dosa or chapathi or just like that.
5. Lassi is the best dish to crave your sweet or salty tongue.
6. If mangoes are available, blend together Mango, Banana, Yogurt and Ice to make mango slurps!

7. Make dahi papadi garnished with sev, onions, coriander, meeta and some spice.
8. Add dahi into any curry’s gravy to make it tasty.

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