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This Is How Countries Are Fighting Against Russia Without Using Weapons Nor Firing A Single Bullet


Ukraine Meeda Russia invasion and war ki against ga US, UK and European lanti World countries anni against ga unnayi. World Countries eh kadu Russian streets lo russians kuda Putin ki against ga rallies, huge protests chestunnaru. US, NATO, European countries ki Russia ni defend cheyadam pedda matter em kadu but akkada h okka country involve aina kuda adi okka country tho aagadhu…adi spread ayyi World War 3 ki siren avtundi ane bayam thone World Leaders anta peace mantra ni paatisthu…Russia ni moral ga political ga economical ga debba tisthu oka peace war start chesaru.

Peace War enta anukuntunnara? Yes em ledu okka bullet use cheyakunda, oka missile vadakunda, oka aircraft ni gallo egareyakunda…one drop blood of Blood lekunda World Countries anni Russia meedha chestunnayi adi ela ante. Business, Sports & Other International Organisations, Events lo Russia participation lekunda ban chestunnayi.

Business exports nundi start aina ee moral War…FIFA nundi Russia ni ban chesevaraku occhindi. Russia ni ippativaraku endulo ban chesaro once chusthe…

1. Russia Is Out Of Football World Cup, FIFA bans Russia from hosting international football matches, and also expels country from World Cup

2. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) calls for bans on Russia’s host status for upcoming International events.

3. Formula One (F1) Board canceled Russian F1 Grand Prix in Russia

4. UEFA Champions League Shifted To Paris From St. Petersburg, Russia

5. Countries like the US, UK, Russia & Majority of European countries Ban Russian Vodka sales in their liquor stores, bars and call off imports.

6. International Judo Federation suspended Putin as honorary president

7. The European Union imposed a ban on imports of products from mineral fuels to tobacco, wood and timber, cement, iron and steel from Russia.

8. 13 Nations Including United Kingdom.Ireland,Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia & others have banned Russian flights from their airspace.

9. Crypto Ban On Russia U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase blocked accounts & transactions of Russian clients

10. Russia’s currency, the ruble, fell by around 30% to record lows after the World Countries ban on trading, business and exports & imports with Russia.

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