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5 Tips Every Baker Should Definitely Know


If you are about to enter the world of baking, or already into it, then there are a few things that you should know, Baking can get quite complicated, even for people who are good cooks, this is because baking is different from traditional cooking, which is why we have made a list of some tips that you should follow to be a great baker.

Don’t crowd the oven

Baking TipsOne mistake many people tend to make is overcrowding the oven, even if your oven is spacious enough, don’t overcrowd it with pans, there should be proper space left around the pans so that the air can circulate and your dishes cook properly, a couple of inches between the pans allows for great air circulation.

Don’t open the door, instead use the window

Though it might be tempting to open the oven door, to check on your cakes and cookies, you should avoid doing this, because opening the oven door can drop the temperature drastically by almost 25 degrees; use the window instead, to check on your food.

Baking is all about measurements

When it comes to baking, it’s all about the measurements, this is why people consider cooking to be an art and baking to be a science, the difference between a successful recipe and a total disaster is just one tiny mistake in the measurement department, so make sure that you measure the ingredients properly before you start baking.

Don’t use convection for cakes, bread, or custards

Convection ovens use fans and exhaust systems to cook and heat the dishes; this can cause problems while baking cakes and bread, as they might be baked unevenly, the cake also may get dried and won’t be as fluffy as it should be, instead use an OTG oven.

Don’t Use Aluminum foil

If you’ve been using aluminum foil, then you should stop doing it because the foil can damage your oven, it also makes your dishes cook faster, and the reflected heat may damage the oven’s heating element, the foil may melt and can make the dish dangerous to consume.


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