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Top 10 Best Ambience Restaurants in Bangalore

Top 10 Ambience Restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore, known for its rich technology and greenery, is also famous for its mysterious, classic, elegant and delightful restaurants. Bengaluru has a plethora of restaurants, but if you want to enjoy the delicious food along with a great and graceful ambience then there are plenty of them as well. We ease your burden and help you find the best restaurants with classic ambience that will definitely lighten up one’s mood. Then lose no time in visiting these restaurants in the City with your family or friends or your loved ones. 

List Best Ambience Restaurants in Bangalore

1. Grasshopper, Bannerghatta Road

Just like the name, you will fly high with the food served here and the ambience makes you never want to leave the place. Grasshopper is one of the best ambiente restaurants in Bangalore. It is a European themed restaurant which is famous for its customised seven course meal and the classic ambience. Here in this restaurant you can seat yourself at the table in the corridor and can get a more private table by the tree. This restaurant does know how to lighten up one’s mood with their music and the delicious meal.

2. Ambrosia, Rajarajeshwari Nagar

If you are a vegetarian and are always worried to scout the best vegetarian restaurants in the city then you must worry less because Ambrosia is one such restaurants where you can find multiple cuisine options like Italian, Mexican, Continental, Asian and even Sushi which for sure will delight your appetite. Also, the ambience at Ambrosia will leave you speechless with its classic and graceful decor. The ambience will leave you with no option but to click snaps or selfies with your family or your loved ones.

3. Ebony, Barton Centre, MG Road

Ever wondered how the rooftop ambient restaurant with a family and loved one would look like? Well, it definitely would be classic. Located at Barton Center, MG Road, Ebony restaurant is a rooftop restaurant with a glimpse and astonishing view of the city and with a great ambience. Here at this restaurant you can either choose to stay indoors and enjoy your meal or can choose the outdoor seating right under the sky and the stars. Ebony is best known for its exquisite buffet and a full stocked bar. Any time of the day or night would be suitable to choose this place for a great meal with your family and loved ones.

4. Le Jardin – The Oberoi, MG Road

This European and Mediterranean based restaurant has a great ambience and delicious food. Le Jardin located at MG Road is one of the best and the oldest gems of restaurants in the whole city of Bangalore. One would definitely enjoy this restaurant’s food and ambience with their dear ones. The advantage of this place is, it is open all night for its customers who would enjoy the late night meals along with the soothing music played here.

5. Olive Bar and Kitchen, Richmond Road

This fascinating and unusual Mediterranean themed restaurant is known for its classic ambience. Located on wood street, Ashok Nagar, this place has options like Indoor and outdoor seating along with a luxurious bar. One can choose according to their liking with the options available. One can enjoy their meal outdoors right under the tree or sky and stars and prefer to stay indoors and enjoy a nice candle light dinner with your better half or your family. 

6. Phobidden Fruit, Indiranagar

A five starred restaurant, Phobidden Fruit located at Indiranagar is best known for its great ambience, delicious food and courteous staff and service. If you want to enjoy a nice evening dinner with your loved ones or with your family, head to this restaurant with no second thoughts. Phobidden Fruit serves Vietnamese cuisine which would be a great start to kick off with something different and it is one of the first stand alone restaurants to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the city. Apparently, it is an insta worthy restaurant with its finger-licking and lip-smacking food and the ambience and decor around.

7. Blue Ginger, The Taj West End, Racecourse Road

Located on the Taj West End, with a 4.5 starred rating, Blue Ginger is yet another Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in the city that offers great beverages and delicious food. This restaurant is worth mentioning for its astounding ambience. Blue Ginger is a perfect place to dine in with your family or your loved ones. If you are in a mood for some amazing multi-cuisine food amidst elegant ambience then choose to dine at Blue Ginger Restaurant. Whether by day or night the ambience here is brilliant and beautiful with the greenery and water bodies around.

8. Rim Naam, The Oberoi, MG Road

Located in the MG Road, This restaurant serves Thai cuisine and is part of the elite luxury dining group i.eThe Oberoi group. It leaves the customers to choose the seating options indoors and outdoors. Rim Naam restaurant is best known for its breathtaking ambience. This gorgeous restaurant is housed under the elegant roof of the Oberoi Hotel and the outdoor location of the restaurant surrounded by a deep lush garden makes for an enchanting sight. The dining space is housed under lovely elegant gazebos covered with a splash of waterbody and tall dense trees. If you want to have an elegant dining experience then you must not miss out on this place.

9. Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen, Koramangala

Located on JNC Road in Koramangala, Fenny’s Lounge is one of the best restaurants with great ambience and exquisite delicacies in the City. This restaurant is a Goan themed and every bit of this place is built to match the upbeat environment of Goa be it the food or the surrounding ambience. Apparently, it has a distinct Mediterranean vibe to it with the breezy open-aired setting and lush greenery offering a cool shade right under the table.

10. Persian Terrace, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

This rooftop restaurant Located in Malleshwaram at the exquisite Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel, is known for its elegant decor and cozy ambience. Persian Terrace is an al fresco Arabian themed restaurant, known for bringing out the mysterious vibe of Arabia through a stunning decorated ambience. It gives you plenty of options to try out cuisines like Afghani, Lebanese Mediterranean. One can surely enjoy the exotic menu with such a wonderful setting.

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