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Top 10 Best Jewelry Shops in Chennai


Gold is known as the popular metal in crafting jewelry and there is a belief that Gold has the power to purify anything it touches and therefore considers it as a sign of power, wealth, and femininity. Rest apart, but many Indians often buy gold because they are considered to be durable, and a great financial investment. As per some sources, Indian women collectively wear over 21,000 tons of Gold on their bodies. 

Chennai, known for beaches and temples, also houses some of the best jewelry stores in the city. We have listed down the top 10 jewelry stores in Hyderabad.

List of Top 10 Best Jewellery Stores in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

1. Lalitha Jewelry Mart Pvt. Ltd. 

Lalitha Jewelry is one of the best and largest jewelry stores in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and all in South India with trustworthy gold and services. They have certified gold and internationally certified diamond jewelry. Lalitha Jewelers is known to offer services like designing bridal trousseau, jewelry upgrade, and redesigning. The store also provides CB Vanki, elephant hair, and navaratna rings. Known for having antique and machine-cut jewelry collections. If you are looking out for the finest jewelry for any special occasion, you can choose Lalitha Jewelers to shop at.

1. Lalitha Jewelry Mart Pvt. Ltd. 

2. GRT Jewelers 

GRT Jewelers is yet another finest and the best jewelry store in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has the widest range of jewelry collections to meet the diverse needs of its clients and has several gold ornaments with orthodox models. Whereas the staff at GRT jewelers are polite and welcoming. The interesting thing about this store is that it provides lifetime exchange and buyback guarantee options. The store is renowned for its great shopping ambiance and the broadest choice of jewelry collections at every price range. 

3. Kalyan Jewelers 

Kalyan Jewelers is another best and most well-known jewelry store in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that specializes in traditional and antique jewelry. Kalyan Jewelers has 142 stores spread across India and the Middle East. Kalyan Jewelers in Hyderabad offers a good range of jewelry in gold as well as in silver. Kalyan jewelers embrace the importance of every occasion and offer a wide range of collections that meets the desired needs of every customer.

4. Khazana Jewelry 

Khazana Jewelry is another best Jewelry store in Chennai, Tamil Nadu which is often visited by a bunch of people or clients or customers. It offers an exquisite collection of bridal jewelers and Indian gold jewelry designs. Khazana continues to push the boundaries of excellence and innovation and has opened more than 49 showrooms across South India. It offers all of the services like gold, silver, Kundan, and many more.

5. NAC Jewelers 

Founded in 1973 by Shri N. Anjaneyulu Chetty in Mylapore, NAC Jewelers is another authentic jewelry store in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The designs the customers find at NAC are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. They are valued for their aesthetic sense of tradition which fits in perfectly with the latest trends. NAC also holds a stunning collection when it comes to diamond jewelry. Therefore, if you are planning to buy jewelry for any occasion, then the NAC jewelry store must be on your list. 

6. Prince Jewelry 

Prince Jewelry originated from Kerala in 1933 by PC Verghese at Kottayam. They house an exquisite collection of diamonds and gems which gained momentum. Prince Jewelry earned a huge reputation for its stylish and classy collection that delighted the customer’s needs. World-class designers craft their jewels with great precision and acumen to produce simple but elegant jewelry for women. The most interesting part is that Prince Jewelry trained a young crowd in NIFT to come up with innovative designs to cater to the tastes of all generations. Without second thoughts, you can visit this store for its exclusive range of collections.

7. Malabar Gold and Diamonds 

Highly renowned for its Bridal collection, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is one of the best gold stores in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They are highly known for their numerous outlets that showcase gold, diamond, platinum, and pearl ornaments. They blend many cultures to get gorgeous varieties to attract customers who always look out for the trend. It is one of the most trusted stores not only in Chennai but across the country. Designers and researchers unite to fabricate wonderful collections that fit every customer’s needs. 

8. Joyalukkas Jewelry 

Founded in 1987, Joyalukkas expanded rapidly across the globe in over 9 countries. It has become the customer’s go-to store and has earned the trust in no time. Besides quality, Joyalukkas’s success lies in service, designs, innovation, convenience, and choices offered to the customers. Joyalukkas has been the first Jewelry store that received a series of awards and acclamation and it has been the first to get the ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004. Certification. Also, Joyalukkas has expanded to other areas such as fashion, air charter, money exchange, etc. Moreover, Joyalukkas conceptualized a ‘wedding center’ in the stores.

9. Jeyachandran Gold House 

Having established its names in the textile business and household items, Jeyachandran has also created its mark on the Gold sector as well. Jeyachandran Gold Jewels ensured that their products are sold at an affordable price when compared with any of their competitors and they have stuck to the motto to date. They started with a great Gold House at Tambaram and later became famous for their silver jewelry and other gift items as well and earned the trust of customers. Thus making it one of the finest and the top jewelry stores in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

10. Tanishq Jewelry 

There is no way that you have not heard this name. Tanishq Jewelry is one of the best and the leading wedding jewelry stores in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They have qualified representatives who have comprehensive knowledge of jewelry which helps them to display and drive excellence. They hand-pick all their precious stones to deliver the standard quality of jewels. Tanishq jewelry also gives out gift cards to customers which tells how authentic their quality and affordable services are. If you are in Chenna and looking for one of the best jewelry stores then you must visit Tanishq Jewelry.

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