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Top 10 Best Resorts in Chennai (With Prices)



Looking for a comfortable mini vacation away from your busy life and seeking for the best resorts in the state. Well look no further; here are the top 10 best resorts in Chennai.

10. InDeco Resort:
(Price: From INR 3,127 to INR 4350)
InDeco Resort is a magnificently restored British camping site from the 1800s and is tucked away on Chennai’s serene Mamallapuram beach. The presentation of regional artwork, traditional architecture, and ecological preservation by InDeco in a contemporary setting is highly commended. It pays local artisans to demonstrate their talents to all of its guests and provides these local communities with a means of support. InDeco Resort has established a reputation as one of Chennai’s most reasonably priced private beach resorts by providing large suites, traditional cuisine, and modern amenities in a historical setting.
(Hotel rating: 3.5 \ 5.)

9. Mamalla Beach Resort:
(Price: From INR 3810 to INR 5102)
The Mamalla Beach Resort is one of the best beach resorts in Chennai, boasting a wide range of top-notch amenities and easy access to a gorgeous beach. This laid-back beachside resort has spacious, renovated rooms with all the latest amenities housed in colorful buildings. It also has an international restaurant with an outside dining area and bar that specializes in regional seafood.
(Hotel rating: 3.5 \ 5.)

8. Country Club Jade Beach Resort:
(Price: from INR 2,993 to INR 5,443)
On the ECR stretch, the Country Club Jade Beach Resort is renowned for its stunning views of the Bay of Bengal from every vantage point on the resort grounds. The resort is furnished with all contemporary conveniences and was named the “Best Resort” in South India for the year 2012 by Epicurus South India Hospitality. It offers the ideal hideaway to rest and relax as well as the opportunity for guests to experience the benefits of the beach, making it the ideal beach resort in Chennai.
(Hotel rating: 3 \ 4.)

7. Neemrana’s Bungalow on the Beach:
(Price: Approx INR 7,000)
This cottage was created by renovating two historic structures that will serve as a reminder of the Danish admiral Ove Gedde. The property hasn’t lost its historic character despite being perfectly repaired. In addition to being a work of colonial art, this bungalow offers its visitors the utmost comfort, enabling them to have a special experience. The property’s features, where you may spend some quality time, are the garden and the porch seating area.
(Hotel rating: 4 \ 5.)

6. Chariot Beach Resort:
(Price: From INR 6,728 to INR 8,315)
One of the things that visitors adore most about this beach resort is its position. This resort, which is close to Chennai, allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea while escaping the busy city life of Mahabalipuram. Come unwind in the outdoor pool and rejuvenate yourself for the activities tomorrow.
(Hotel rating: 4 \ 5.)

5. Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram:
(Price: From INR 7,819 to INR 10,734)
To provide its visitors with a relaxing and hassle-free stay, this beach resort was built with contemporary architectural ideas in mind. The house, which was built along the Bay of Bengal’s coastlines, is well-known for its setting because of the breathtaking views that it offers. When traveling for work, this location may be the greatest option because everything, including conferences and events, will be handled.
(Hotel ratings: 4.5 \ 5)

4. V.G.P Golden Beach Resort:
(Price: From INR 3,542 to INR 5,310)
You can see Chennai’s genuine coastline beauty here. It is perfect for people who want to spend time in peace while getting closer to nature. Additionally, there are many artistic items on show at this resort that appeal to those who enjoy art and craft. Tennis, cricket, badminton, chess, carom, and other indoor and outdoor recreational sports are available at this beach resort. When seeking family-friendly beach resorts in Chennai, don’t forget to include V G P Golden Beach Resort on your itinerary.
(Hotel rating: 4 \ 5.)

3. Ideal Beach Resort:
(Price: From INR 6,939to INR 15,103)
True to its name, this resort is one of the “perfect” beach resorts in Chennai because of its tranquil, relaxing atmosphere and the lovely beach. The gorgeous Coromandel coastline, with the Bay of Bengal in its view, is where you’ll find Ideal Beach Resort, which offers countless options for relaxation and renewal. Among other intriguing activities, visitors can enjoy the Ayurvedic Massage & Spa, shop for gifts at their boutique, and visit their orchid farm in Poonjeri Village where 30 various types and hues of orchids are grown. Among the best things to do in Chennai is shopping.
(Hotel rating: 4 \ 5.)

2. M.G.M Beach Resort:
(Price: From INR 7,007 to INR 9,116)
The MGM Beach Resort, which is blessed with a stunning, sun-kissed beach, offers the ideal escape for tourists of all stripes. MGM is one of the best resorts in Chennai because of the tranquil, upscale atmosphere, the lush, expansive lawns scattered with over 88 alluring cottages, rooms, and suites, the tall coconut trees lining up in perfect uniformity, the traditional architecture with majestic Mangalore-tiled sloping roofs, and the best amenities. Additionally, it offers the ideal setting for the most lavish destination weddings and stag dos. For businessmen looking for the best beach resort in Chennai for a team vacation, this location may be the greatest choice because it has fully functional meeting rooms.
(Hotel rating: 4.5 \ 5.)

1. Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove:
(Price: From INR 2,080 to INR 25,784)
With its majestic architecture and impressive landscaping, Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove is without a doubt the nicest beach resort in Chennai. Every guest who chooses to stay at the resort, whether they are a family with children seeking an enjoyable, thrilling stay or a couple on their honeymoon seeking a romantic, cozy atmosphere, is charmed by its location along the coast of the well-known and energetic Covelong Beach. The resort stands out from others thanks to the freshly renovated and opulent cottages and villas, the hip restaurants, the stylish bar cum lounge bursting with activity, and an excellent spa facility. This is without a doubt one of Chennai’s top five-star beach resorts.
(Hotel rating: 5 \ 5.)

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