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How Trump Didn’t Even Leave The Pope Out Of It..!!


By Sonika Kumar
Donald trump has been the talk of the world, over his immigration policies. This insanely rich real estate mogul believes ( and is quite adamantly expressing ) that Americans will only be safe from terrorism only if the Muslims are stayed out of the country. It is quite shocking for the world to see he is opting to openly create barriers. Like it or not, Donald Trump might not be capturing hearts worldwide, but he surely is capturing the media coverage more than any other presidential candidate presently. While his over confidence to deal with issues are pretty radical for a GOP front runner, He stretched his rant towards the Pope this time.

Pope, who was touring Mexico was addressing over humanitarian crisis in United States. In his speech he gave out a statement that not so subtly took a dig at Donald Trump “A person who believes in building walls instead of building bridges, is not a Christian”.

Donald trump replied back to this saying that the Pope’s comments were disgraceful, as a religious leader cannot question a person’s faith. He added to his speech saying “If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president”.

What was even more surprising was the public reaction over this issue. While many called the Pope a bit too liberal in his approach ( demanding his active involvement in making the Vatican city glorious again ), there many others who dismissed Trump’s inexcusable counter back. At a moment where many nations are banning Donald Trump to even enter their countries and even President Obama himself publicly not supporting him, It is quite contary to see that a large portion of the Americans believe that Mr.Trump could bring in a change to the country by imposing the said immigration policies.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump remains to be the strongest player in the presidential race. One to have clearly understood and ominously grant what a lot of Americans seem to have wanted for long, irrespective of it being against the true spirit of America. Only time will have to tell, if these antics by Mr.Trump gets him to take over the coveted occupancy in the American History.

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