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V Epiq : UV Creations Launches World’s 3rd Largest & India’s Largest Movie Screen In Sullurpet


UV Creations ki ee roju big day as Saaho is released worldwide today. And idi kakunda villaki inko big thing adi entante V-Epiq theatre in Sullurpet of Nellore district. Just theatre ki big day anadam enduku ani meeru anochhu but idi anni theatres la normal theatre kadu idi India lone largest screen from now onwards.

Saaho release ki ee theatre ni start cheddam ani thought UV creations vallu V Celluloids tho mingle aiyyi start chesina movie exhibition project idi. And correct ga anukunna time ki ee theatre ninna grand ga hero Ram Charan inaugurate chesaru. Not only India’s largest screen, and also other highlights ento kuda once chuseddam.

* With a 100 feet Wide and 54 feet height screen, it is World’s 3rd largest screen theatre

* And also India’s largest screen and biggest screen in South Asia

* 40 crores amount tho build chesina ee theatre lo seating capacity is 646

* Theatre is equipped with SLS Sound system and 4K laser projection

* Ee theatre lo attached ga inko small screen with a seating capacity of 140 seats kuda undi.

* NH-16 highway ki adjacent lo 7 acres lo unna ee V-Epiq ni V-Celluloid and UV Creations kalisi ee theatre exhibition business loki enter aiyyaru.

World’s 3rd Largest & India’s First Largest Screen V-Epiq Launch :

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