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Vijeta Pendharkar: A less known Celebrity & Wife Of Famous Cricketer Rahul David


Vijeta Pendharkar… A less known Celebrity and a wife of a famous Cricketer Rahul David… who is with him in his up and down sins and she is a medical Surgeon by profession. Rahul David who is popularly known as “The Wall” fall for the Vijeta. Vijeta a great fan of The Wall… Everyone knows about the wall but no one knows the foundation and shadow of that wall which gives support to him.

VijetaPendharkar was born to an Indian Air Force Wing Commander in the year 1976. Vijeta spent her early childhood in various places in the country because of her father’s job. Vijeta did her class X from Bal Bharati School in Delhi. After her father’s retirement, they settled down in Nagpur. So, she continued her education at Shri Shivaji Science College at Nagpur. After her 12th standard, she got into the Government Medical College in Nagpur. Also, she did her post-graduation there in Surgery in November 2002.

Due to her father’s Job, she used to travel to many places like that once on her journey her family met Rahul David Familywhen her father is working on Bangalore in the year from 1968 to 1971. In this time both of her father’s became friends and two families soon grew very close. There two families grew close over a period of time and that time Rahul started growing a liking towards Vijeta. Rahul and Vijeta both are Maharashtrians and both their families accepted their relationship because of their families has close ties. So, their relationship turned out as arranged cum love marriage.

Rahul And Vijeta’s Parents Fixed Their Match In 2002, But Since the Cricket World Cup Was Due In 2003 And Rahul Had to Practice, The Families Decided to Wait until the World Cup Is Over. But, the two got Engaged Before the series began and Vijeta Even Flew to South Africa To See Her Fiancé Play.OnMay 4, 2003 a Traditional Maharashtrian Wedding That Took Place at The Border Security Force (BSF) Training Centre, On the Outskirts of Bangalore. The Bride and The Groom Donned Traditional Marathi Attires.

The couple welcomed their first son, Samit in 2005, and their second son, Anvay in 2009. Both the boys could be seen with Rahul and Vijeta on various occasions. Rahul Dravid and Dr. Vijeta Pendharkar’s love blossomed far away from the glitz and glamour of the cricket world. The two vastly different professional pursuits one is India’s most bankable cricketer, and the other is a medical surgeon. But they both lived a grounded and simple life and perhaps that is what brought them closer together.

Vijeta pushed into a different world. She was a woman of science and had no idea about cricket. She gave up her career as she wanted to support Rahul and look after their children. She takes care of the home while he stays focused on the game. After 17 years of togetherness, they remain the most down-to-earth couples. Their altruism and grounded lifestyle is an inspiration in a world obsessed with materialistic pleasures. Vijeta an equal partner through Rahul’s Up’s and Downs.

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