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These Waterproof Foot Wear Are Your Lifesavers In Monsoon


If you are too worried that splash of water can worsen your footwear here’s what you have to look for Monsoon is here and more than thinking of what to wear to office, it is much more important to think of what is safe to wear in monsoon. Because, we all love what we wear and who would want a splash of water to spoil their outfits and accessories. When in rain, the first thing that can get wet easily, is your footwear. Isn’t it? Clothes can be dried and hair can be washed. But what about those lovely footwear which might get torn away after getting wet?

So, we have a solution. Why not buy footwear which are monsoon friendly. Give a read to the footwear you have wear every monsoon.

A big yes to Crocs

Evenings and late nights are when it rains, mostly. So when you are out for a coffee with friends or a pub in the neighbourhood, it is always best to try crocs. They are extremely water-friendly and are definitely a smart option. Remember that you can’t team them up Indian wear though.

Flip the Flip Flops

Could be a kurti with legging or a denim with a t-shirt, flip flops can always be your saviours, anytime. There is nothing in these that you need to worry that they would get spoiled. In fact, they never lose their charm. With  many colours and designs, you can make them looks fashionable too

Where are the wedges?

Some of us are obsessed with heels and our day cannot be spent without them. In that case, wedges can help you in making your rainy day a better one. Though pointed heels are fashionable, walking with them in water will make you fall.

Go for Gumboots

These gumboots can be the top choice this season. Those rubber soles and boots will ensure you overcome the madness of monsoons. They are available anywhere easily and can never go wrong with any kind of outfits.


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