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7 Ways To Celebrate Your Break Up In A Grand Way!!


One of the most emotional rides almost everyone goes through their love life is a ‘break-up’. Break-ups happen for a number of reasons, when either of the partners aren’t going well with the other and if one of them wants to part ways, the drama to break-up unfolds. While some try to work around the break-ups and reconcile in some way or the other, most of the times when a break-up is destined to happen, it will happen. And when one breaks-up, one should take it up with all cheers.

Maybe it is for the better of you both. Maybe this particular relation was not meant to work. Maybe the break-up would actually help you mature in handling relations. So, be optimistic towards a break up and try to celebrate it. If might sound weird when one says ‘celebrate’. But, give it a thought. You have broken up and nothing on this planet is going to stop that. So, instead of cribbing over it, take it the other way and celebrate it. Cry in your celebration, who is stopping you!!

Here are the 7 ways to celebrate your break-up in a grand way:

Announce it!! – Make your Break Up Official


Announce your break up with pride to all your friends

Throw a party!! – Call all your friends

Make it grand with some party!!

Don’t forget to call the ones who had interest in you

Now, this is one crucial thing you shouldn’t forget. You might get hitched again in your break up party itself!

Get drunk and wash out all your emotions with pride. Cry if it is required!!

Tarvata thaluchukunte.. Edupu lo kuda entho mazaa untundhi bhaiyaa..! Kadigeiyali anthe!!

Peace out with your partner, so that you have no further complications!!

A very much needed exercise that you should ensure to happen.

It might seem hard, but let go of those beautiful moments from your thoughts.

A tough task ahead, but go for it!!

Use social media smartly and make an informal announcement that you are ready for a next relationship

Start your new chapter with all fresh!!

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