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5 Interesting ways to make eggs taste sweet


Eggs ni spicy ga cheskovadam common. Try these ways if you have a sweet tooth.0 Interesting ways to make eggs taste sweetEggs are the best breakfasts you can make. Daanitho masthu varieties cheskovochu. But, eggs tho sweet dishes are not common. Here a few ones you might want to try.

1. Coconut OmeletteWe need: Coconut oil, sugar, pinch of salt, coconut flakes and Eggs.

Beat them together and make an omelette. Top it with some honey and fresh fruit to enjoy it even better

2. Sweet and Salty Scrambled Eggs
Make a usual scrambled eggs and add to it some chopped dates, little sugar and walnuts!

3. French toast• Make a batter out of eggs, sugar, pinch of salt, cinnamon powder.
• Dip slices of bread into the mixture and fry it off on a pan. Top it with some honey and banana for extra punch.
• You can also break the bread into tiny pieces and let them marinate in the egg mixture before frying off!

4. Blueberry or Strawberry Omelette• Whisk eggs separately and fold them into a mixture of yolks, sugar, salt.
• You can add a little lemon juice to balance the sweetness.
• Make an omelette. Top with fresh fruit and have it.
• You can also mix the berries and other desired fruits in the egg mixture and make an omelette of everything together

5. Yogurt Omelette• Beat the egg whites in a bowl to form soft peaks.
• In another bowl, whisk yolks, sugar, yogurt. Fold in it the egg whites.
• Make an omelette with the mixture and top it with fresh fruit and have a delicious one.

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