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Well, Coffee Talks A Lot About You Too!


By Nithya

Many such studies have been going around in the world and we are not sure whether it carries the needed authenticity. But, who knows? It could speak alot about you or you might not be aware of it in the first case. Anyways, find out here what kind of coffee you prefer and the way you drink it actually speaks a lot about you.

Where you look when you drink out of a cup?

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A person who looks into the cup when drinking tends to be more introspective, self-aware, idealistic, and focused. A person who looks over the rim of the cup when drinking tends to be more influenced by others, more environmentally aware, carefree, extroverted, and trusting. A person who closes their eyes when they drink is in some sort of pain or discomfort and is preoccupied with pleasure and relief.

Black Coffee Please!”

Personality trait: Old School, Purist

The Light side: Keep things simple, Patient, Efficient

The Dark side: Can be quiet and moody, Abrupt and dismissive, Sort of set in their ways, Resistant to making changes

“I prefer Latte

Personality trait: Comfort seekers, People pleasers, Open book, Like to soften bitterness of life(like softening coffee)

The Light side: Generous with time, Go out of their way to help others

The Dark side: Can get over extended, Don’t always take great self care

“What Frozen/Blended Coffee do we have?”

Personality trait: Try lots of new things, Bold, Trendsetters

The Light side: Childlike, Spontaneous, Imaginative.

The Dark side: Fall for quick fixes, Don’t always make healthy choices, Reckless. 

“Roast ground in soy milk with low sugar”;The Decaf/Very specifically ordering Coffee squad

Personality trait: Like being in control, Maybe selfish, Obsessive, Perfectionist, Health conscious.

The Light side: Health monitors, Make good choices.

The Dark side: Over focused on rules, Sensitive, Worriers.

“An Instant Coffee-Regular”

Personality trait: Traditional in some ways, Laid back, Procrastinators.

The Light side: Take life as it comes, Don’t get too detailed.

The Dark side: Too laid back, Put things off, Poor planners.

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