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9 Things only people who love watching TV all day long will relate to


Television kondarki for time pass aithe Mari kondarki Ade time. Eh time aina kuda TV chustu undali. Here are what such people will surely relate to

1. Intlo entha Mandi guests ochina kuda manam TV on chese pedtham. Vaallaki entertainment avvali kada
2. We might be busy in some other room Kani hall lo TV on lekapothe we feel empty in a house
3. Exams ki chadukuntunnapudu kids TV on pakka undali. Mute lo petkuntam Kani off cheyyamante cheyyam
4. We get so used to watching all kinds of programs on TV that time entha aitundo ano TV lo program batti guess chestham.
5. Tv remote ni Mana smartphone keyboard antha easy ga chudakunda operate chestham
6. Mana room lo TV unte, enter aina ventane vere work cheyyakunda first TV on chestham
7. Sometimes TV lo signal poina kuda alane on unchutam off cheyyakunda
8. We end up watching some lame movies also vere em raanapudu
9. TV remote kosam mom tho fighting chestham. She wants the TV off and we want it on.

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