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These Youngsters Are Providing Villages With Internet Using Scrap PCs and Laptops


Mee intlo work cheyani or use cheyakunda pakkaku padesina computer edaina undha? Or useless ga migilipoina old laptop emaina unnaya? Okay meeku vati valla elanti use ledu ani padese thought emaina unte please don’t do that…!

Drop that idea and give it to group of IT Professionals and Academicians who works for Swecha NGO. Adi enti work cheyani old computers and laptops tho villu emaina wonders create chestara enti ane kada mee doubt?

Wonders kadu kani oka manchi cause kosam villu ila ee initiative start chesaru. Adi enti ante?

March 2015, where it all begun Siddhartha Malempati man behind this initiative started this to connect villages with Internet and to create awareness among villagers of using Internet services. And they thought of installing Network software boxes which can act as a server-routers in selected village.

At the same time they need hardware to run, kani idi konchem costly (which costs between `5000 to `10000) avadam tho they thought of using old computers or laptops to establish a server and provide Internet. Then they invited group of people to donate useless monitors and laps, within a no time got response from few people. Collect chesina unused and scrap nundi mother boards separate chesthu villages lo network setup ans installation ki use chestunnaru.

Warangal, Gangadevipalli Is The First Village Which Got Selected For ‘Freedom Box Project’

For the first time Warangal lo unna Gangadevipalli village visit chesi akkada villagers andariki Internet usage gurinchi explain chesi aa vari help tho ee village lo ‘Freedom Box Project’ first attempt lone successful ga complete chesaru. Ippudu ee village lo Internet dwara farmers, agriculture techniques, children’s ki education and current affairs teach cheyadaniki use avutundi.

And Now ‘Swecha’ Volunteers were busy in setup ‘Freedom Boxes’ in Telugu states:

Warangal la rural village tarvatha ippudu ee ‘Freedom Box Project’ tama villages lo kuda install cheyamantu Andhra Pradesh and Telangana lo unna 12 villages nundi invitations vachayi anta. Ippudu ee villages lo kuda ee setup chese work lo busy unnaru SWECHA NGO voluteers and youngsters

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