Dressing Tips To Look Even Better


Everyone has their own their own beauty and style. It’s all in the way how we carry it. Each one of us has a unique physique with some strengths and flaws. By properly highlighting the stronger areas and hiding the flaws we can flaunt an elegant look. Here are some Tips & tricks that will come handy when dressing up.

OutfitsdressingOutfit selection is the most important aspect of presenting oneself. The outfit we wear should be ‘ look good-feel good’ type. We should also feel comfortable wearing it. If one is a little overweight, prefer dark colored clothes. They create an illusion of being slim as they tend to hide the problem areas. On the other hand flab is highlighted with white or light colored clothes.dressing

Horizontal Stripes especially light colored makes you look wider, while dark or vertical stripes gives out a slender look.

Color SelectiondressingIf you want to cover the lower waist body fat, prefer shirts and trouser with not much contrast. If there is much contrast between top and bottom clothing, it creates a line of division and thus highlights the problem areas.

Sleeve-LengthdressingMany people have fat arms though rest of the body is normal. Wearing a full length or three-fourth sleeves covers the flabby arms.

Tummy fatdressingAnarkhalis in traditional wear and Peplum tops in western wear hides the extra pounds gained around hips and tummy.

PrintsdressingGo for small and closer prints than Big and wider print clothes as they make you look more better.

AccessoriesdressingWhen wearing a outfit with busy patterns or heavy work, keep the jewelry to minimum. If you want to showcase your accessories, then opt for a simple plain dress.Long and big ear rings will make the look special for occasions and are best for women with broad faces.6 - Accessaories

Hair Do7 - Hair DoOpen hair makes you look slim and younger than tying it up in a tight bun.