Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam: Memes That Sum Up The Ticket Price Kastalu Of Telugu Cinema

No benefit shows, only fours shows, pedda cinema and chinna cinema ki oke rate ticket dhara.. So idi matter andariki telise untadi ee vishayam...


Top 10 Best & Good Ambience Restaurants in Chennai

Chennai, formerly known as Madrasapattinam is not only famous for being one of the biggest cultural cities and educational centers in South India but...

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Sehwag To Shreyas Iyer: List Of 16 Indian Cricketers Who Scored Test Centuries On Their Test Debuts

Be it ODI, Test & T20….any format oka player debut chestunnadu ante chala pressure untundi and chala expectations kuda untayi. Aithe ee pressure, anxiety,...

Nykaa Falguni To Savitri Jindal: Meet The 7 Richest

India lo richest person evaru ani adagagane second late cheyakunda inkevaru mana Mukesh Abmani mowa ani cheppestham. Adhe Richest woman evaru ani adigamu anukondi...

Ram Charan Net Worth 2021, Lifestyle, Car Collection

The whiz of his own realm, the megastar of Indian South Films Cinema needs no presentation as the name is sufficient to portray his...

Prabhas Net Worth 2021, Lifestyle, Car Collection

A few entertainers are brought into the world with a silver spoon and one such entertainer is Mr. Prabhas Uppalapati. He began acting with...

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