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12 Top Predictions Of Veera Brahmendra Swamy

Brahmam Garu

Brahmam Garu is widely known for his Kaala Gnanam i.e, future predictions. His complete name is Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy. He is a sage from the 16th century. He is the author of ‘Kaala Gnanam’ which is the work of chanting poems with future predictions where most of the predictions came true and continuing to happen.  Well, who doesn’t want to know about the future?  😉

Sri Sri Sri Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy from Andhra Pradesh Kurnool region started becoming famous as an astrologer not mainly because of his predictions but his knowledge. He seemed to have understood human behavior, nature of changing mindsets – thinking and geographical changes that are imminent. Most of his predictions talk about the divergent geographical events and the fact that human species evolve with time.

In connection with Today’s situation involving Novel Corona Virus Covid-19, he did say that six different new diseases will kill thousands of people. As in case of Nostradamus, French astrologer who is often quoted about predicting many wars, pandemics and geographical changes – Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy’s predictions are also mostly about perceptions and conclusions that each one draw for themselves.

They could be wrong, they could be too riddled with old school thinking but they show us that Veerabrahmendra understood humans and geography much better than then or now humans. He is credited for predicting the rule of British over India and a person called Gandhi helping Indians to overturn them. He also talked about waging wars between communities and countries. He made predictions that seem very unfriendly to some communities in India and sections as well.

For example, he is credited to have said that Brahmins will lose their power, which is true and then he also said that they will serve other castes, which is greatly true too. But then his predictions involving girl giving birth to seven babies at a time and another seven year old girl giving birth to 3 legged baby with a horn who will talk in 21 days, seems to be coming straight away from apocalypse fiction novels.

Like Nostradamus he is also credited for coming up with doomsday scenarios more often than that off prosperous situations. He did say that Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu will take over the world but did he mention about everyone accepting superiority of one religion & culture too. He said that Lord Vishnu, Lord Sun will appear in Sun during eclipse in human form at one stage. Today’s science doesn’t agree with it at all.

So, he just uttered what he thought were right at the time and since, he understood geography very well, no water in rivers, river linking, climate change, submerging cyclones have come true. And he also could forsee new diseases arrival as he could sense how human curiosity will tamper with equilibrium and back then the rise of unidentified diseases was high too. Yes, history books about virology, medicine from 1600’s and the growth of medicine over the centuries would give you an idea about how, there was always panic about a new disease surfacing every time.

It is not exclusive for Covid-19. People brought it up when SARS virus became an epidemic and EBOLA came into existence. Covid-19 turned out to be much bigger problem than those viruses. Once Small Pox was the biggest problem with no cure, leprosy still doesn’t have perfect treatment, HIV+ or AIDS doesn’t have a vaccine, Polio and TB had to be fought over for years to get a control on. Even today, they are not entirely eradicated. Common Flu caused by mild version of Influenza virus is still deadly even though we have vaccine for it.

So, how did all these viral and bacterial infections on human body came into existence, the root cause for all of them is humans curiosity to find new food, new ways to improve life and escape death. But as you seek more knowledge, you tend to expose yourself to more vulnerable situations or we must say gratifying consequential damages arised by unprotected actions & lack of knowledge on how to avoid them. Take it humans surviving in Space Stations to humans trying to travel to Moon or trying to conquer Mars. Every idea has bigger ramifications, but do we stop fearing ramifications? No, we try to pass on information and help future generations to learn from them.

Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy might have predicted or said things that he felt are highly possible and we might be interpreting them in our own ways. Or he might have had powers to foresee as we don’t know what using brain beyond 4% or 10% of its capacity could lead to. In any case, he came up with many situations, words and poems that seem like a person who is stating out facts and asking us to be careful while playing it to the gallery with good amount of sugar coated fiction. Who knows if everything he predicted will come true in later days or it won’t. We can’t live our self trying to see how predictions of a person who lived 500 years back are true. We leave today to fear and live in absolutely anxiety about tomorrow then we can conclude that we never learnt anything from past. He might have predicted or not, let’s see if we can find a good solution for ourselves or not for our problem.

Veera Brahmendra Swamy Predictions

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