Success Story of Lalitha Jewellery Owner, Kiran Kumar


E channel pettina and e hoarding chusina, manaku e madya baga kanabade oke okka
advertisement Lalitha Jewellers di. Asalu e Kiran Kumar evaru? Eyana success story enti? Lalitha Jewellers turn over enta? Ivanni telusukovalante e article o look eskondi:

The story of Lalitha Jewellery,  Kiran Kumar

1. Last year Lalitha Jewellers turn over Rs. 11,000 crores and this year it might be Rs. 15,000 crores, approximately. Recent ga oka interview lo 2020 ki Kiran garu ayana target Rs. 50,000 crores ani chepparu. lalitha jewellers2. The first Lalitha Jewellers showroom was launched in 1985 and Chennai lo start chesaru. And Lalitha Jewellers designers are from Mumbai, Kolkata, Rajkot, Kerala and Coimbatore areas. Usual ga gold shops lo 1 to 8% and sometimes 9% wastage untundi and ikkada ivemi undavu and even making charges kuda undavu. lalitha jewellers3. Kiran Kumar gariki 15 years age appudu, valla amma 4 bangles ammi oka gold shop start chesaru. Now, his age is 46 and he owns nearly11 showrooms in South India and 15 branches across the country. The places include Tirupati, Hyderabad, Vizag and others.

lalitha jewellers4. Kiran Kumar antaga chaduvukoledu, he was from a middle-class family. Eyana Nellore lo undevallu, akkada a time lo gold chala famous. Akada chala mandi experienced persons deggara, he learned gold making. First time, vala amma garu ichina 60 grams worth bangles ni kariginchi 60 grams tho Lalitha Jewellers ane mark tho gold ammaru. He started from the stage of the supplier and now he owns the company. lalitha jewellers5. In 1999, he take over the company. Okapudu Kiran Kumar Canada, Singapore, Dubai lanti places nundi mana India ki gold supplier ga deal chesevallu. India lo konni places like Kerala, Chennai and Hyderabad ki gold supply chesevaru. Ipudu eyana elanti position lo unaru me andariki telisinde. Lalitha jewellers

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