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10 Funny Hindi Phrases Only Hyderabadi’s Can Speak


Hyderabad city entha famous oo ikkada culture, people, religions, food, and Hindi and Telangana accent kuda anthey famous. Above all Hyderabadi Muslim people and Telugu people valla daily life, lo konni funny one-liners or phrases use chesta untaru. Other people, ki ivi konchem funny ga weird ga anipinchina hyderabadi’s ki matram ee phrases, accent chala normal ga untadi because they used to speak in those accent and slang only. Actual ga ee phrases other states and people who are far away from old city regions vallaki kuda ardam avvavu aney cheppali.

Let us check those funny and common phrases used by Hyderabadi people.

1. When they wanted to tell it’s excellent and mind-blowing:

Ek Dum Zabardast Hein Miyaan.

2. If a beautiful girl is passed behind them.

Mashallah, potti ko dekh ek dum mast hein. (potti antey female or girl ani).

3. I’m so hunger let’s have a biryani?

Yarr’ Dabbakke bhook lag ra biryani khilao na? ( dabakke means full or chala).

4. Don’t talk rubbish!

Bhaigan ke baatein nakko kar

5. Chill bro:

Lite le lo miyaan (Like lite tisko bro).

6. How are you and what’s app bro?

Aur ustaad! Kaise chal ra.

7. What the hell/Damn?

Maa ki Kirkiri.

8. Don’t do stupid things.

Chillar kama nakko karo.

9. You are looking so smart.

Kya ismaart dikhre yaar tum.

10. Do you in found me in the early mornings?

Subah Subah! Mein icch mila re tere ko.

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