Home Entertainment VSR To Virupaksha: 10 Highest-Grossing Telugu Movies Of 2023 (July 2023)

VSR To Virupaksha: 10 Highest-Grossing Telugu Movies Of 2023 (July 2023)


VSR To Virupaksha: 10 Highest-Grossing Telugu Movies Of 2023 (July 2023)

Waltair Veerayya started this year with a bang, then Nani had his highest-grossing movie this year, and we have surprise blockbusters like Balagam, Virupaksha, and Samajavaragamana this year so far. We can say 50 – 50 so far about the success rate, but the next half of 2023 is going to be epic because there are some quite crazy projects lining up to release.

Today we are going to take a look at the ‘Highest Grossing Telugu Movies Of 2023 So Far

Rank 1: Adipurush

Worldwide Gross: ₹450 crore

Adipurush is a screen adaptation of the Indian epic Ramayana that revolves around the triumph of Good over Evil. Raghav, the prince of the Ikshvaku dynasty from Kosala, has been serving a 14-year exile in the wilderness along with his wife Janaki and younger brother Shesh. In the forests of Panchvati, near the river Godavari, where they are living their new life, a demoness, Shurpankha tries to seduce the brothers and attempts to take Janaki’s life, but after a failed attempt, the demoness ends up losing her ears and nose. Upon hearing of his sister’s humiliation, The Demon King Lankesh abducts Janaki to take revenge. Raghav & Shesh set out to free Janaki with the help of the Monkey King Sugriv, his aide Bajarang and their monkey army.

Rank 2: Waltair Veerayya

Worldwide Gross: ₹236.15 crore

Desperate to catch a fugitive criminal, a police officer turns to the formidable Waltair Veerayya, a fisherman with a sinister side, for help.

Rank 3: Veera Simha Reddy

Worldwide Gross: ₹134 crore

After learning about his parents ‘ difficult past, Jai sets out to reunite with his estranged father, Veera. However, trouble arises when Veera’s complicated reality catches up with Jai.

Rank 4: Sir

Worldwide Gross: ₹118 crore

Assigned to a government school as a teacher, a young professor encounters several obstacles in his fight against people trying to turn the sacred pillar of education into a business.

Rank 5: Dasara

Worldwide Gross: ₹117

Dasara is set in the village of Veerlapalle in Godhavarikhani. Dharani (Nani), his friend Soori (Dheekshith Shetty), and others are addicted to alcohol. Vennela (Keerthy Suresh) has been their common friend since childhood. Chinna Nambi (Shine Tom Chacko), son of Shivanna (Samuthirakani) is elected as the Sarpanch and he looks after the Silk Bar. Rajanna (Sai Kumar) helps Soori and his friends in a case and they select him as their Sarpanch. After this, someone kills Soori on the night of his wedding to Vennela. Who killed Soori? What’s the future of Vennela? What did Dharani do then? All the questions are answered in the film.

Rank 6: Virupaksha

Worldwide Gross: ₹103

Mysterious deaths occur in a village due to an unknown person’s occult practices. The whole town is afraid, and the problems continue as they search for the one responsible.

Rank 7: Samajavaragamana

Worldwide Gross: ₹30.1 crore

A lifelong university student struggling to pass his exams enlists the help of his son and his lovestruck friend in this lighthearted Telugu language romantic comedy. Hijinks ensue amidst blossoming love and comic bust-ups.

Rank 8: Balagam

Worldwide Gross: ₹26.72 crore

After the death of a family patriarch, a young man manipulates those around him in hopes of solving his problems. However, he soon realizes the folly of his greed.

Rank 9: Das Ka Dhamki

Worldwide Gross: ₹22 crore

Krishna Das, a waiter, falls for Keerthi, while his lookalike, Dr. Sanjay Rudra, dies in an accident the night before Das loses his job and love. Rao Ramesh encounters Krishna Das and recruits him to replace Sanjay to save the company.

Rank 10: Ravanasura

Worldwide Gross: ₹21.15 crore

When ACP Hanumanth Rao is assigned to investigate a spate of grizzly murders, he suspects goofy junior criminal lawyer Ravindra may have a dark side.

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