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10 Iconic Yet Hilarious Films Of EVV Garu Show Why He Is The Master Of Comedy On-Screen


Prathi director specific ga oka genre lone movies teestaru like konthamandi complete mass films inkokaru family films marokaru comedy films. Kaani chala genres lo movies theese filmmakers konthamande untaru. Alanti very rare filmmaker ye the great E. V. V. Sathyanarayana garu. E.V.V. garu ante aina teesina adbhutamaina comedy films ye gurtukuostaayi. Kani prathi okkarini kadilinche emotional films teeyadam lo E.V.V garu is a master anochu.

A small write-up about EVV:

And EVV, this man meticulously kicks everyone asses with his films. Heroes, stars, politicians, society, middle-classes, poor, women, men, riches he cracks a joke on everything so precise you’ll only take it as a joke. But it’s more than that, he is making fun of everything, we pass it as a joke, a laugh, a joke is never a joke it’s more than that, EVV knows this better than anyone. He uses everything & everyone in the frame to create a scene, no one plays with dialogue more than EVV. And again he did all these with those small budget films. He never needed stars. EVV doesn’t belong to stars. He makes a film with a star here and there, but it’s not where he belong. He belongs to the audience, the mainstream audience. This man takes dozen comedians and put them all together and justify each and every character in a film. And everyone gets their joke right. I don’t see anyone doing this in the mainstream. You know why no one does this in the mainstream, because we incapable, we’re not as rebellious as courageous as EVV, EVV got something I haven’t seen in anyone.

The best EVV gari comedy entertainers ikkada list chestunnam kastha ee gandargolanni marchipoyi ee cinema lu chusi enjoy cheyyandi

1. Appula Apparao

2. Aa Okkati Adakku

3. Jamba Lakidi Pamba

4. Hello Brother

5. Alibaba Aradajanu Dongalu

6. Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu

7. Evandi Aavida Vachindi

8. Kitakitalu

9. Thotti Gang

10. Evadi Gola Vadihi

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