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10 Movie story lines which are all time hits in 2 or more film industries


‘Content unnodiki cutout tho pani ledu’ – this is a popular film dialogue from the Telugu movie, Mirchi. This has proven to be real in case of some film stories. There have been stories that created a sensation in all the languages in India and erased the linguistic barriers in the Films. From Hindi to Malayalam, Telugu to Kannada, many movies has been recreated and made into the regional languages for their respective audience. Though modified here and there, the content was one thing they stuck to and it appealed everywhere.

Check out some film’s stories which have been blockbusters all over India

Drishyam- (Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi)

Thuppaki/Thupakki/Holiday/Game – (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Bengali)

Pokiri/Pokkiri/Wanted/Porki – (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada)

Manichitratazhu/Chandramukhi/Aaptamitra – (Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada)

Gharshana/Kaakha Kaakha/Force/Dandam Dashaguna – (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada)

Dookudu/Power – (Telugu and Kannada)

Khushi/Khushi/Emo Onthara – (Tamil, Telugu and Kannada)

Sakhi/Alaipayuthey/Saathiya – (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi)

Momento/Ghajini – (English, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi)

Munnabhai MBBS/Shankardada MBBS/VasoolRaja MBBS – (Hindi, Telugu and Tamil)

Vikramarkudu/Rowdy Rathore – (Telugu, Hindi)

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