9 Telugu Heroes Who Were Some Real Cool Students


While there is new-found love and the prospect of pursuing your crush, there are also exams, and getting a degree, and getting a job after college. It is a mix of fun and tension. But, what if you got all the fun of a college life – minus the struggle?

It’s like having your cake and eating it too. That’s what being a student in movies is like.

We are always shown the hero as a student. He sings songs, girls flutter around him like butterflies, but from the time he enters college, there’s no trace of books opened. It’s quite colorful!

Let’s take a look at some of our stars who played some cool students at some point of their career. As time passed, our heroes too progressed as students and student leaders.

Nagarjuna – SHIVAstudents

Probably the most famous student in Telugu cinema, Shiva inspired college students back then to be SHIVA, complete with a chain in their hands. Though he carried books and kept silent, once he picked up that chain his personality got quite interesting.

Pawan Kalyan – THAMMUDU and KUSHIstudents

Not many college romances saw the light in the early 90s. PK entered as a student in Suswagatham and made that decision to pursue studies while leaving his girlfriend.

In a way, Pawan Kalyan gave inspiration to lakhs of engineering students who decided to concentrate on their careers and leave the girlfriend part for later. His next movies Tholiprema and Thammudu made the students go crazier. Kushi touched the peaks with the fun he has as a Bengali student who comes to study in Hyderabad. Unlike every other Bengali student in the world, he never really recites poetry or discusses art. Instead, he displays Picasso-like fascination for Bhoomika’s navel.

NTR – AADIstudents

We all join the college as normal students with maybe a few hiccups in personal life. But, if you have a flashback where you lost your parents to some big-time goon and you want to seek revenge during holidays – then you and your friends are going to have a kickass adventure. That’s what Jr. NTR did. He just elevated the drama inside the college and took it outside the gates of the campus.

Tarun – NUVVEKAVALIstudents

Tarun arrived in Telugu cinema just around the time when Pavan Kalyan had set the foundations for what a student must do in college. Bearing a few actors who were good looking and few aging by then, Tarun was a breath of fresh air. Already a well-known face in the industry as a child actor, this student phase of his made him have a dream debut. The confusion of friendship and love was to some extent solved, with which the youth just started to struggle.

Uday Kiran – NUVVU NENUstudents

A good competition to Tarun, UK was the boy next door with his boyish looks and always the dud student who was having all the fun with the best chick and a bunch of friends following. He managed to have even a baby at college in his first movie Chitram.

Ravi Teja – IDIOT6 Telugu Heroes Who Were Some Real Cool Students

The closest to the notorious guy in college, Chantigadu was the rough freak who never took a back step under any circumstances. Be it kicking an SI on his balls during jogging, or wooing the Police Commissioner’s daughter. He made the students to adapt his mannerism and language with ease.

Allu Arjun – ARYA7 Telugu Heroes Who Were Some Real Cool Students

Possibly the coolest and trendy liberal student till date in Telugu cinema is Arya. A unique character who just meant what he said all through – ‘feel my love’. No demands. No complaints. Arya shot Allu Arjun’s career into the big league, and his life changed after this film.

Prabhas – Munna8 Telugu Heroes Who Were Some Real Cool Students

Playing student for the first time, Prabhas was a macho. A student turning against a gangster who happens to be none other than his dad takes the whole college to fight against him. Probably this was the movie from when he increased his female fan base to a great extent.

Naga Chaitanya– JOSH9 Telugu Heroes Who Were Some Real Cool Students

Josh, which tells the story of a carefree student who turns responsible after his friend’s death passes an undercurrent message to the youth about their goals and ambitions. While the film didn’t set the cash registers ringing, it won the young debutant critical acclaim.

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