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10 Things Every 25 Year Unmarried Woman Is Tired of Listening To


Mana age 20’s start aithe chalu..pelli topic raavalsinde. And we have to always keep convincing our parents to wait for a little more time. But there are some orthodox family people who manipulate our parents. 25 years and pelli kakapothe.. they look at us like we are 40 or something. Getting married at any age isn’t a bad thing. It is just that some are ready for marriage while some are not.

Here a few things we are tired of listening to:

1. No matter what our degree is and how talented we are, we are not recognized by our relatives unless we know how to cook. Because at 25, you should be cooking for your in-laws.

25 Year Unmarried Woman

2. We are taken to every small function possible. Manam pelli ki unnam..evadanna ochi cheskondi ani chupinchukovali ante functions ki properly dress up ayyi vellali.

3. And all the pujaris ask our parents to make us follow some vratham to get an amazing husband. We are 25 and we are supposed to be getting married. if we are not, then something is ‘wrong’ with us.

4. Our mom’s friend has posted a picture on facebook about holding her daughter’s baby. Anthe inka khel khatam.

5. 25 and we are not married … so we should be concentrating out gymming and face packs and age takva chese facials.

6. Business enduku cheyyadam.. join some music, art classes, painting, baking classes, cooking classes or such ones so that pelli choopullo cheppadaniki bauntadi. Ila cheppadam is very common.

7. Some relative comes and tells me that she had 3 kids already at our age. And we are not even married!!!!!

8. 25 and unmarried ante…inka facebook lo or phone lo or bayata only girls tho kanpiyyali. Boys tho kanpiyyodu. Malli evaranna chusthe, apacharam!

9. Only if we get married will our younger and elder brother get married…ee logic chaala irritating kada!

10. Of many guests that keep coming to our houses, marriage brokers chaala ekva untaru.

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