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10 Things every girl wants to hear from her future husband


Marriage gurinchi debates anni pakkana pedithe, it is a big compromise. And adi good r bad anedi mana partner meda depend ayyi untundi. Especially ammayilaki pelliki mundu chala tenion, bhayalu etc etc untay. Oka happy marriage kavalai ante aa couple pelli ki munde konni vishayalu discuss cheskovadam better, avi elantivi anedi vaari vaari families ni batti untundi.

Above all, elanti family r background nundi vachina ammayi ayna, thana husband thanaki particular vishayalalo support cheyyali anukuntundi. Here are 10 of those things.

1.Naa illu ante nee illu kuda, so you can wear what you want. Neku evi comfortable ga anipisthe ave vesko. You don’t need to change your dressing sense after marriage.

2. I know ammayilandariki shopping ante pichi ani, anduke, I will never stop you from shopping and naku kudirinappudalla I will accompany you.

3. just because mana pelli ayyindi kabatti you don’t need to forget your friends. You can freely hangout with your friends without any restrictions.

4. Yearly once definite ga ekkado oka kotha place ki vacation ki veldam and I promise that it will happen every year.

5. I am not a pro at cooking, ayna kuda I will try my level best to help you whenever you need me.

6. Na career entha importantoo nedi kuda anthe. There will never be any limitations.

7. If there is anything that bothers you, you can share them with me without any hesitation and I will try my level best to get you out of all those things.

8. There will be no pressure for children. Nv eppudu ready ga unte appude we will have children.

9. I want you to trust me at every single stage of our life and I will promise you to do so.

10. And finally your family+ my family = OUR family.

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