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10 Things The Zodiac Sign Gemini Can Perfectly Relate To


1. Geminis don’t have an attitude, they just have a personality that people can’t handle – Chuse vaalu, maatlade vaalu e zodiac sign vaalaki chaala pogaru undhi anukuntaru, kani vaalu maatlade vidhanam not everyone can handle, you will get to know a Gemini if you get to know them personally.

2. Geminis are pro at hiding emotions – Paiki chudaniki e zodiac sign vaalu chala happy ga kanipistharu but deep down they are not really. These people are really pro at hiding and bottling up their emotions.

3. Gemini’s are not about money but about prestige and respect – Out of all zodiac signs, Geminis are not into money but more about prestige and respect. Edhaina first ostadhi ante veela list, that is they should be given the respect they deserve and prestige vishayaniki osthe, they are particular about it.

4. Geminis never try anything just once, they try it twice – General ga, most of the people often give up after their first attempt but, Geminis are different, these people won’t give up until they succeed.

5. Gemini will never fully let anyone in their life – The Air Sign Gemini will let only the people who they want to be in their life adhi kuda in a very rare case. These people hardly let anyone in their life completely. Not everyone knows the zodiac sign completely.

6. Geminis are magicians with words, arguing with them is pointless – Many say that, if a Gemini becomes a Lawyer, they would win any case easily in most of the cases. Okavela miru Gemini aithe, meetho ala evaraina annara? Maatla Mantrikulu veelu, logics tho eh argument aina easy ga gelustharu.

7. Geminis are better at cheering up others than themselves – Okarini happy ga unchali ante, adhi Geminis valla sadhyam. E sign vaalu happy ga lekapoina eduti vaaru happy ga undalani eppudu koukuntaru.

8. Geminis take both compliments and insults to heart – Miru icchedhi compliment aina chesedhi insult aina, edhaina kuda Geminis vaalu manasuku theeskuntaru. 

9. Geminis are the most talkative sign, but they only talk to who they choose – Talkative sign but only with certain people. Veelu peddha chatter box kani vaalaki nacchina vaaltho thone ekkuvaga maatladtharu

10. Gemini’s know what to say, when to say and how to say it – Edhi eppudu maatladalo, ekkada maatladalo and eppudu maatladalo e sign kante baga evvariki thelidhu. They are masters at that.

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