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10 Things we women do when alone but do not admit it


Our brains are connected and disconnected at a lot of places and mana brains feel so much in shape only when we are with ourselves. Inkevaritho unna kuda it is disconnected at places. So there are many things that we women do when we are alone but we definitely do not admit.

1. Sometimes we get too lazy to clean nail polish on our nails. We just scrape them off nails tho instead of using a nail remover. Andari mundu unnapudu we be the best one and go get cotton.
2. Vere girls ni kuda checkout chestham. We are girls kada we want to see why they look good, bad, uncomfortable, confident and many things.
3. Facebook lo vere girls or boys ni stalk chestu untam. We keep looking at the profile and learning so much about them.
4. Andari mundu edo tintu unte it accidentally falls in our dress and once they are gone, adi bayatak oche varaku we do MJ dancing.
5. Bathing ante chedda chiraku makuuu….
6. We talk so much to ourselves. Jarigina vaati gurinchi and jaragani vi kuda imagine chesi create chesi chepkuntu untam
7. Tag our friends and families on Facebook videos.
8. Food ante super craving untadi kani em tinalo ardham kaaka buttermilk taagi padkuntam.
9. Nethiki fulllll ga oil petkoni kurchuntam and when everyone else is there are clean and tidy,
10. We wear what we like and cook what we like, like there is no one who can stop us.

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