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10 Years For ‘Eega’ And These 10 Facts About This Marvel Will Blow Your Mind


Eega Oka Manishi Paina revenge tisukunte? Ani evaritho aina ante itte navvestharu. Ippudu kadu Late 90’s lo same ilane Vijayendra Prasad garu ee idea cheppi ayane navvesaru…Aithe ee idea vinni navvina vaarilo Rajamouli okaru. Aaroju navvaru kani enduko aa idea ni ala carry chesthu…chesthu…why don’t we make it as a movie ane idea occhindi Jakkana ki.

Anthe cut chesthe Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna lanti movies taruvatha ee idea meedha workout chesaru 2 years kastpadi oka story ki concrete aithe padindi. Kani ee cinemaki next level VFX kavali…and his search made him find Makuta VFX. Movie start chesesaru kani enduko shoot start aina taruvatha footage VFX chesi check chesthe output nacchaka movie ni apeddam anukunnaru. Kani appatike 4 crores spend chesaru producer Sai Korrapati…cut chesthe Makuta tho kurchoni the best VFX meedha work chesi movie ni complete chesi release chesthe…never before ever after result occhindi.

And today SS Rajamouli’s Marvel Eega Turns 10 Years Today and here are some unknown facts, behind the scenes trivia for you…

1. Late In 1990’s, the Eega movie idea for Eega originated from screenwriter K. V. In Vijayendra Prasad’s mind, he was joking about a housefly seeking revenge on a human in a conversation with his son S. S. Rajamouli.

2. Eega VFX was done by Makuta, the Hyderabad based animation company who delivered 80% computer graphics and only 20% of the graphics work was outsourced and the rest was done by the in-house experts.

3. Rajamouli initially planned to bring Hollywood cinematographer Jamie Fowlds,who is known for movies like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), Hackers (1995) and Waking Ned Devine (1998) but was later replaced by KK Senthil Kumar.

4. Eega is the first Bilingual movie of Rajamouli, each scene of Eega including speech was filmed twice in Telugu and Tamil, and later dubbed into Malayalam titled as ‘Eecha’ and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Makkhi’.

5. To overcome VFX shots of Fly, S.S. Rajamouli made Nani cover his head completely in cloth and asked him to perform various emotions just through body language. Since the head of a housefly is made up almost entirely of eyes and very little muscle, conveying emotion as the fly was extremely difficult. This data was given to the animation team who then created all the movements and body language for the fly.

6. Rajamouli made cosmetic changes to the fly’s face to make it look appealing on screen. With the support of Makuta CEO Pete Draper, 3 concept artists, 4 modellers, two shader designers, two hair and fur designers, three riggers and several animators, Rajamouli designed the animated fly in 2 months. Fly’s head and fur were designed after shaping its body and wings.

7. Eega was screened to critical acclaim at L’Étrange Film Festival. The film has garnered the Best Feature Film in Telugu and the Best Special Effects at the 60th National Film Awards, and also garnered awards for the Most Original Film, Best Special Effects, Best Comedy, Best Fights, Best Film to watch with a crowd, Best Editing, Best Villain and Best Hero (Fly) in the 8th Annual Edition Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

8. Eega is the only Telugu film considered to be sent out as India’s entry to the Oscar Academy Awards in the best foreign language film category for the year 2012 but lost to Barfi.

9. SS Rajamouli was not satisfied with Makuta VFX work and he insisted on shelving the project after 10 days of shoot and Sai Korrapati already had spent Rs 4 Crores On the movie.

10. Fun Fact is both the Hero and Villains of the movie character names are given their original names Nani & Sudeep.

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