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Things every B.Tech student will relate to


B.Tech is one very common career path. Kani adi chese vaallaki different different intentions untay. Some do it just for a degree, some do it because they need to do it for a job and money, and some do it because they were forced to do it, and many more reasons in it. Kani edi emaina B.Tech life lo cheshindi and nerchukundi matram malli epudu cheyyamu. So here are those silly yet funny things we encounter.

1. Engineering aa?? Prati person ade chestunadu. Very common kada!
***Yedava generalization***B.Tech student

2. “Naku mechanical engineering chestha”
X: eh group aithe enti..last ki computer mundu kurchoni job cheyyali

3. Prati exam ki one night mundu chadvalani try chestham and we end up realizing that it cannot be done in a single night! Next time mundu nunche prepare avvali ani resolution teeskuntam but we get back the start of the loop.

4. We all have that one friend who completes all the

5. Exam mundu entha chadvina kuda..next day morning friends tho chadvina aa koncham manaki pakka gurthu untadi.

6. Attendance problems pakka persist authay throughout our span in the college.

7. Fests ni chusi enjoy chese vaallu untaru, fest ni organizw chesthu enjoy chese vaallu untaru, asalu fest anedi untada anattu bayata enjoy chese vaallu untaru.

8. Mana creativity is best used when we have to bunk and go out of the college.

9. Exam hall lo copy kottadam kante ..we know all the ways to make it more interesting.

10. Job chestunnam ante..andaru think all the software jobs are the same! Same ela authay andi..

11. Job cheyyakapothe you have to do Masters. Janalu chaala things fix aipoyaru.

12. Backlogs are the simplest of things when people think they are really complicated!

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