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13 Unknown facts about the famous Thousand Pillar Temple


Thousand Pillar temple located at Warangal is one of most historic and famous places in Telangana and South India. Here are 14 things about this temple

1. The thousand pillar temple, also called Rudreshwara Swamy temple is located in the town of Hanamakonda, Telangana state, India.

2. The thousand pillar temple along with the Warangal fort and Ramappa temple is added to the list of world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO

3. The Thousand Pillar Temple is now nearly 850 years old.

4. The thousand pillar temple was constructed during the 12th century, under the king Rudra Deva.

5. The temple also has a 6ft statue carving of a Nandi at the entrance in the form of a highly polished black monolith.

6. There are three shrines in the temple collectively called Trikootalayam. The Thousand Pillar temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and the Sun God, Surya.

7. 1000 richly carved pillars adorn the temple, yet they are constructed in such a way that none of the pillars obstruct a person’s view of the shrine.

8. The thousand pillar temple is built in the shape of a star.

9. Saralamma Yatra or Samakka is a fair that takes place here every two years.

10. It depicts typical Chalukyan style of architecture.

11. It is one of the finest specimens of Kakatiya architecture and sculpture.

12. The chirping of the birds mingled with the ringing of the temple bells creates an aura around the Thousand Pillar Temple.

13. The screens and the beautiful sculptures which adorn the walls of the temple add to the magnificence of the structure.

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