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14 Telugu movies that were a part of graphically successful Telugu movie timeline

Pathalabhairavi Movie, Mayabazaar Movie, Bhairavadweepam Movie, Devi putrudu Movie, Anji Movie, Arundhati Movie, Anaganaga oka dheerudu Movie, Yamadonga Movie, Magadheera Movie, Eega Movie, Robot Movie, Sahasam Movie, Rudramadevi Movie, Baahubali Movie

1. PathalabhairaviSeveral miniature sets were created for the shooting long before VFX or CGI came into existence.

2. MayabazaarThis was the first movie to conceptualize Laptop, Video-calling decades before they came to light. Electrification and creating moon light effect in day; they did all of this!!!

3. BhairavadweepamThis film surprised the audience with several mythical creatures including a Pegasus (a horse which can fly), Lilliputs and a demon who emerges from mirrors.

4. Devi putruduDwaraka village submersion, the spooky sets, treasures, and many more were just so beautifully created and yet kept tightly intact with the plot.

5. AnjiThe climax ‘Athma Lingam’ scene was so brliiantly done that the audience had gone to watch the film again and again to keep awe’ing for the graphics.

6. ArundhatiVisual effects went to another level. The palace, the demons, the fights, the spells, etc,. were totally marvelous.

7. Anaganaga oka dheeruduThis movie is co-produced by Disney and no wonder it matches upto international standards with its breath-taking graphics. This movie is a tough task to understand and differentiate between real and graphics.

8. Yamadonga‘Yamalokam’ was so brilliantly created in this movie with all the minute details done with perfection.

9. MagadheeraShiva’s idol keeps me stunned till date. The fight, the palace, the horseracing, the stupendous effects, all of this just added to the beauty this film created.

10. EegaThe little bug is out to destroy a multi-millionaire’s life and property. Its weapons, preparations and even communication were so real.

11. RoboThis movie doesn’t need any description. It just got too spectacular for the audience to even let a tiny piece of the movie go off their mind.

12. SahasamAn adventurous journey in search of a treasure is what this movie is based on. This treasure and the tricks in it and how each one gets solved are so nicely showcased.

13. RudramadeviThe kingdom, the war and the characters have been depicted very nicely with the graphics team!

14. BaahubaliWith around 800+ technicians working on art, design and graphics, this movie made every Indian cinema proud. This movie had scaled 45-feet high sets with never before seen CGI and VFX. It also added another mark with the audience by creating suspense and not letting it go off anyone’s mind.

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