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14 Things only a biryani lover can understand


Hyderabad lo biryani is a dish that unites people of all regions and religions. Intha tasty biryani ni ishta padani vaalle undaru. Kani kontha mandiki idi ishtam matrame kadu…pichi! Ee dish tho meeku emotional, mental and physical bond kuda erpadi undi. Alanti hardcore biryani lvers matram konni things ki definite ga relate autharu.

1. Every function has biryani and that is the dish we first jump on to.1-biryani-lover

2. Sundays become special if we have biryani from our favorite joint.

3. Biryani ishtam ledu ani ante.. vaallu exist ayyetattu kuda chudamu.

4. Eh kottha place ki poyina, we will search for the best biryani there.

5. Friends ki treat is the, it is at a biryani joint.

6. A person is a great cook only if he can make delicious biryani.

7. Biryani and coke is our favorite couple. We wish they get married.

8. When they say, KFC-finger lickin’ good. We say, Biryani-finger lickin’ good!

9. Biryani ni chaala peaceful ga tinali ani ankuntam. And first bite lo elaichi ni bite chesthe, bomb tinna feeling osthadi!

10. Paradire, Bawarchi and some places are our favorite!

11. Entha bad mood lo unna kuda, we need biryani! Mood super aipothadi.

12. Our favorite surprise is making us biryani for lunch

13. Edaina hotel lo biryani baagalekapothe we end up doing negative publicity and kill all their ratings on social networks.

14. If you are ever going to learn cooking, it will be about cooking biryani.

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