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16 Haunted Places In Delhi You Shouldn’t Visit Alone

Haunted Places in Delhi

By Ankita Aggarwal

We all love to hear spooky stories under the blanket with a torch. Those stories give us a chill, but we still enjoy them.
What if you could witness all the stories with your own eyes? If you have some daring friends to hang out, these 16 haunted places in Delhi should be on your checklist.

WARNING: Do Not Travel Alone.

1. Mutiny House, Kashmere Gate

It is one of the haunted houses in Delhi located at Kashmere Gate. Don’t dare to enter this house after dark.

2. Karbala Graveyard

If you visit in the evening, you will feel uncertain for this place. Loneliness and loud cries are part of this house.

3. Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantt provided a shelter to a lady who died in a car accident there. Many people claim that they saw a lady wearing a saree who tries to stop the passengers.

4. Malcha Mahal

This area is very dense. This place has low connectivity which makes it more scarier.

5. The Karkardooma Delhi Court

Karkardooma Delhi Court claims that they captured a ghost in the CCTV cameras. But what were ghost doing there? Do they want justice?

6. Khooni Nadi (Bloody River)

People living nearby said that the river tends to attract you and force you to jump in.

7. Nicholson’s Cemetery

This Cemetery is famous for the headless ghost of Nicholson. He shot himself to death because his beloved married someone else.

8. Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque

Jamali and Kamali were two saints who were buried inside. There are reports that you will be slapped and pushed inside the Mosque by the spirits.

9. Feroz Shah Kotla

It is built in the 14th century. On Thursday, many visitors pray and offer incense sticks and light candles.

10. Khooni Darwaza

Do you find this name filmy? If so, then you would find this place scary too. It is named due to blood stains of hundreds of people. You can feel their presence too. So, do you need company? Go ahead.

11. Sanjay Van

This place is calm, composed and filled with lush green trees. Many people experienced some paranormal activities and people have seen a lady wearing a white saree, who mysteriously vanishes behind the trees.

12. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

After the darkness, people notice strange voices here. This place was closed for several years.

13. House No. W-3, GK I

This is an abandoned house which is located in Greater Kailash. Entry to this house is restricted. An aged couple was murdered in this house and spooky noises are heard from this house.

14. Chor Minar, Haus Khas

There are some holes in the tomb, but there is a hidden story behind these holes. Would you like to know? These holes are created with heads of thieves. It is said that if you pass by after dark, you would be treated the same.

15. The Tree Near Dwarka, Sector 9 Metro Station

Do you believe that a lady runs with the speed of a cab? Yes, it is true. Many people confessed that there was an energy slapping their face.

16. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Baoli is famous for the beautiful architecture. It is also one of the haunted places in Delhi. Earlier, it was filled with water and many depressed people are attracted by this place. As you step down, you can feel the unnatural activities happening around.

If you don’t find any of these place scary, then plan a picnic at these places and let’s see what happens.

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