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20 Things Every Die Hard Coffee Lover Will Relate Too


Coffee is nothing but the warmest hug! Caffeine is the buzz that is an indispensible part of our lives. Coffee tho we can have so many things. The flavor is all that is needed to make anything beautiful. Coffee ante drink kaadu, it’s an emotion. Chaala mandiki coffee ante just edo oka hot drink, but ade coffee kontha mandiki lifeline anmata. Hot, cold, small, large, strong, light edaina parvaledu, adi coffe aythe chalu, we will enjoy it with all our heart. If meeru kuda ade category lo ki vasthe admit these signs that prove that you are a diehard coffee lover.

Here are things that coffee lovers will definitely relate to.

1. Meru prapancham lo ekkada unna, you always want to start your day. In short you always want bed coffee.

2. Coffee ante ishtam kada ani ekkada padithe akkada, evaru padithe vaallu pettina thagutham anukunte mathram you are wrong. You have a distinct taste of coffee.

3. You also have a hobby of collecting coffee mugs. Ekkada edi kothaga kanipinchina konesthu untaru. Adi meru elago use cheyyaru ani meku kuda thelusu ayna kuda ado anandam.

4. Basically andariki latte, cappuccino, mocha veeti madhyalo difference theliyadu. But meeku mathram annitiki difference baga thelusu, in fact evaranna ee difference theliyani vaallu kanipincharu anukondi, kurcho petti classes kuda cheppeyagalaru, antha expert meru.

5. Kashtallo, badhallo, partylo, anandam lo, mood edaina occasion edaina, all you need is just a cup of coffee.

6. Meku nachinattu coffee chese vaallu evaranna dorikaru ante, you will literally dance out of joy.

7. Mee favourite hangout places include only the places that make good coffee.

8. The only thing you want on a rainy day is a cup of steaming hot coffee. Challa challga varsham paduthu unnappudu, vedi vedi coffee, ahaa adbuthaha……

9. You just cant understand how some people hate coffee. Vaallaki nachanappudu muskoni kuda undaru, coffee ni thiduthu untaru. You just hate them.

10. Facebook, instagram lo eppudaina manchi manchi coffee images chuste you just cant resist yourself. Meku lopala ededo aypothundi.

11. We love sleeping kani the happiest reason of waking up is about having a mug of coffee.

12. It is not just a mug, it is a lifestyle. It is the best thing we can make by ourselves.

13. Morning coffee miss aithe..we kill our day totally.

14. Our hangout place is where we get the best coffee.

15. Coffee ishtam ledu ani evaranna ante..we look at them with the weirdest look possible

16. We have that one place where we go very frequently and akada andarki telusu your default order; a coffee.

17. It is ade-stresser and relieves you of everything.

18. You do not need rehabilitation for anything. Coffee is the best thing to make you forget of all the sorrows!

19. The smell of brewing coffee is the most soothing feeling for your nose.

20. We love where people love having coffee and our mothers are the best coffee-makers in the entire world.

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