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3 Instant snacks you can make, when you don’t have any money


Chala sarlu manaki tasty food tinalani untadi, kani saripoyentha money undavu, especially month end time lo, alanti situations lo here are few snack recipes which you can make at home and satisfy your taste buds.

1.Aloo Cheese Sandwich: Aloo Cheese Sandwich recipe chala easy, all we need is basic things like potatoes, spices, butter, and bread.
– Boil the potatoes, smash cheyandi, add herbs and spice powders, onions ,ee potato mash ni baga mix chesi, taste saripoinda ledha ani chudandi, if required add more salt and red chilli powder.
– Bread medha butter spread chesi , cheese is optional, add cheese if you are a cheese lover, stuff aloo mix in between the bread slices and grill them.
-Serve them hot and Tomato ketchup tho combine cheskondi, The very tasty Aloo Cheese Sandwich is ready.
2.Bread Upma: Mana andar intlo bread chala common, if you are bored of eating normal bread jam then meeru bread upma definite ga try cheyali.
– Bread slices ni chop chesi pakana petkovali, pan ni heat chesi add two spoons of oil in a pan , add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, let them fry and add chopped onions.
– Onions fry aynaka , chopped chilli, and chopped tomatoes add cheyandi,
– Half spoon of turmeric powder,half spoon of red chilli powder, a pinch of asafoetida for more spicy taste in bread upma, add more red chilli powder if you like it spicy.
– Mix it till the tomatoes get soft, koncham time ayaka oil releases from the corners.
– Add bread cubes in the mixture so that the bread cubes get crisp and it tastes well.
– Last ki add coriander leaves and add one spoon of lime juice.
– Mix well and hot-hot ga eat it is as breakfast or an evening snack.
3.Mixed sprouts corn chaat : Everyone loves chaat, bhayta chat healthy kaadu, so intlo ne tasty and healthy chat cheskovachu.
Sprouts and corn Chala tasty combination, and making a chat with it is inka tasty.
– sprouts ni overnight boil chesi, morning cooker lo 10-15 mins boil cheyali.
– sprouts ni corn ni mix chesi then add salt and little spice and little lime.
– The very easy, tasty and healthy chaat ready.
These three Munching snacks chala easy to make and very easy kuda. Just TRY!!! them now.

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