For patients seeking specialised treatment for problems affecting the ears, nose, and throat, choosing the correct ENT doctor is essential. It can be difficult to choose the ENT doctors in Delhi who stand out in terms of knowledge, experience, and patient happiness because there are so many of them. Based on their training, years of experience, patient testimonials, and noteworthy accomplishments in the profession, the top 10 ENT doctors in Delhi are listed in this article.

1. Dr. P. L. Dhingra:
Over 45 years of effective practise as an ENT surgeon characterise Dr. P.L. Dhingra’s extensive experience. He is skilled in surgery of the head, neck, ears, and throat. His areas of interest are microsurgery of the larynx for vocal abnormalities, FESS, laser surgery, and surgery of the ear to relieve deafness. Additionally, he instructs MBBS, DLO, and MS (Master of Surgery) students in ENT. Delhi section of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India is presided over by Dr. Dhingra. He has written several books and contributed to several journals with his essays.

2. Dr. Vidit Tripathi:
With 27 years of total experience providing ENT care, Dr. Vidit Tripathi is an accomplished and skilled ENT/otorhinolaryngologist. In addition to treating head and neck tumours, he offers procedures such ear wax removal, snore surgery, facial nerve surgery, nasal endoscopy, salivary gland surgery, nasal and sinus allergy care, and fracture nasal bone correction. He is a specialist in treating sleep apnea and snoring. Dr. Vidit Tripathi is a member of the ASEAN Committee for Snoring and OSA Surgery, Delhi Medical Council, Medical Council of India, and Association of Otolaryngologists of India.

3. Dr. Kalpana Nagpal:
Renowned ENT/otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Kalpana Nagpal has thirty years of experience in this profession. She specialises in endoscopic and microscopic ENT surgeries, including base of the skull procedures. She was given an ICMR Scholarship to screen schoolchildren for secretory otitis media. She received the robotic surgery Da Vinci Certification from Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Nagpal has a number of papers to her name in a variety of periodicals.

4. Dr. Ameet Kishore:
For over 26 years, Dr. Ameet Kishore has been a successful otorhinolaryngologist in practise. His areas of expertise include paediatric ENT, cochlear implants, endoscopic sinus surgery, neuro-otology, and microscopic ear surgery. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Apollo Hospital’s Cochlear and Hearing Implant Unit, and over 700 patients have benefited from his care and treatment. For patients with hearing loss, he also offers Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), Bone Bridge, and Vibrant Sound Bridge Middle Ear Implants. In addition, he provides care for lumps in the head, neck, salivary gland, and thyroid gland and performs phonosurgical and micro laryngeal procedures for hoarseness. Throughout his career, Dr. Ameet has won numerous accolades.

5. Dr. W.V.B.S. Ramalingam:
With over 31 years of expertise, Dr. W.V.B.S. Ramalingam is a well-known ENT and cochlear implant specialist. He is skilled in treating phonosurgery, skull base surgery, and snoring surgery. He is the President of the Laryngology and Voice Association, a founding member of the Foundation for Head and Neck Oncology, an active life member of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India, and a life member of the Association of Phonosurgeons of India. A fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, USA, was completed by Dr. Ramalingam. Additionally, he operated on heads and necks at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amst.

6. Dr. Yetin Sethi:
Reputable otolaryngologist Dr. Yatin Sethi has been effectively practising for over 15 years. He is skilled in bloodless cobalation surgery for the tonsils and adenoids, snoring surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery for sinusitis, and cochlear implants for the deaf. In addition, he routinely performs difficult neurosurgical endoscopic procedures such as pituitary adenomas and CSF leaks without making an incision. He is knowledgeable about the most recent advancements in ENT. The physician has won numerous accolades both state-wide and nationally. He is a Delhi Medical Council member.

7. Dr. Meena Agrawal:
ENT surgeon Dr. Meena Agrawal has over thirty years of experience, possesses extensive training in endoscopic sinus and nasal surgery as well as micro ear surgery. Her specialisations include tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, endolymphatic sac decompression, vertigo, tinnitus (noise, ear), septoplasty, functional endoscopic sinus surgery, Nasal endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR), micro-laryngeal surgery, thyroplasty, grommet, myringoplasty, tympanoplasty, masttoidectomy, stapedotomy, & Cochlear Implant, middle ear implants. Reputable institutions that Dr. Agrawal has worked for include Tyrone County Hospital in Omagh, Ireland, UK; AIIMS New Delhi; BYL Nair Hospital in Mumbai; KEM Hospital in Mumbai; Bombay Hospital in Mumbai; HNO Department of Universitat Wurzburg, Germany; and Charak Hospital in Indore.

8. Dr. Ashish Vashishth:
Renowned ENT specialist Dr. Ashish Vashishth has ten years of experience. He is an expert in cochlear implants, neurotology, otology, and brainstem implants. He frequently attends conferences and seminars, where he gives presentations of papers and clinical data. He has received numerous professor invitations to conferences. He belongs to a number of esteemed organisations, including the European Academy of Otology and Neurotology and the Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery.

9. Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva:
In India, Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva is a well-known ENT surgeon. He has been successful for more than 26 years. Dr. Sachdeva completed training in the Nuclear Cochlear Institution’s Cochlear Implant Programme in Wurzburg, Germany, and Australia. In cooperation with University Hospital in Ohio, he has successfully led a live surgery workshop on tracheal stents. At several national and international conferences, Dr. Sachdeva has been invited to speak as a faculty member, moderator, and panellist. He has won numerous honours and recognitions for his flawless and outstanding contributions to the medical industry. Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Approach to Skull Base Surgery is his speciality.

10. Dr. Shomeshwar Singh:
Renowned otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Shomeshwar Singh has over 23 years of expertise. His areas of expertise include advanced otology, bone-anchored hearing aid surgery, and cochlear implants. Previously he was employed by Max Healthcare, Artemis Health Institute, Columbia Asia Hospitals, NCR Delhi, as a senior consultant in ENT, given the Otolaryngological Research Society’s Philip Tell Award in London, United Kingdom. He is a member of several esteemed organisations, including the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG), the Delhi Medical Council, and the Haryana Medical Council.

Selecting the best ENT physician is essential for the best possible results from your treatment and a pleasant patient experience. The article’s top 10 ENT specialists in Delhi are well-known for their extraordinary knowledge, wealth of experience, and kind treatment. Patients in Delhi in need of specialised ENT treatments can safely consider these physicians for precise diagnosis, cutting-edge surgical techniques, and thorough aftercare.

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