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5 Attributes That Make Prakash Raj A Unique Actor That He Is


Prakash Raj, an actor par excellence. He has proved himself in every language possible. This polyglot Indian actor has come a long way from 300/- per month to what he is today. Most of us know him only as an actor. But, there is something more to this form of versatility than just acting. He explored his abilities not in just one language but across all the industries. He appeals to all languages and everyone knows the stamina of Prakash Raj as an actor.

Here are 5 attributes that make him stand unique.

1. Versatile Roles :Without doubt, his versatility is the first attribute that comes to anyone’s mind. He can be a father, ruthless villain, grandfather, a guy next door or anything. You can just call him an ‘encyclopedia of acting’. Needless to say about his diction and variation. Prakash Raj is a gift not just to Telugu or South India but to the Indian cinema. No one can ever replace him.


2. Breaking Barriers

He is not afraid of any barriers or its result. He has even directed and produced movies. He never restricted himself to one language either. He has acted in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and mind you, he didn’t need a dubbing voice in any of the languages. That show the quality actor he is.


3. Social Responsibility – Adopted a VillagePrakash Raj is also called ‘God’. Do you wonder who calls him so? Well, the people of Kondareddipalle village in Mahabubnagar District located in Telangana. This village was adopted by Prakash Raj. He just didn’t stop there. He took some space out of movies and ensured to provide drinking water, basic sanitation and also built a school in 2 acres of land. He met the concerned officials, from a panchayat member to the Cabinet minister, KTR, to discuss the village’s issues. He brought drastic changes in their lives.




4. Countless Awards and AchievementsJust to run through the awards this amazing personality achieved.
5 National Awards
1 Apsara Film and Television Producers Guild Award
Filmfare Awards
International Indian Film Academy Award
International Tamil Film Award
6 Nandi Awards
1 Santosham Award
4 Tamil Nadu State Film Awards
3 Vijay Awards
1 Zee Cine Award
3 Cinema Awards
1 South Indian International Movie Award

5. Simplicity That He Sticks ToVery few people in the cinema industry lead a simple lifestyle. By simple lifestyle, I do not mean he is walking on the lines of Rajinikanth or Pawan Kalyan. Well, he likes to be simple and live simple. He also loves to farm, grow vegetables and sell them in the market. He doesn’t like appearing in every function, an event or an interview. He stands first only if he needs it necessary.

Admiring such personalities actually inspires us and that is how they become our role models.


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