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5 Beauty Hacks All The Way From Kitchen


Kitchen is a woman’s treasure and everything that we get from there is a gem. Kitchens are not about food, always, as there are some amazing beauty hacks which we can learn here. Yes, a lot of kitchen ingredients can act as great products for skin and hair care. Here, we provide all those ingredients from all our kitchens which are full of secret beauty ingredients that are simple to use and these are even better & worth than the cosmetic products that you buy from the market.



1. Lemon, which is rich in Vitamin C boosts the formation of collagen and also helps in the production of other proteins in your skin.

2. Using Lemon juice frequently reduces the occurrence of wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots on your face.

3. Also, it aids in the lightening dark elbows and knees & neck.

Coffee Powder

1. Coffee is one of the beauty-enhancing ingredients that lie in the kitchen, that no one is aware of.

2. It has anti-aging properties that keep the early signs of skin aging at a bay. It makes a great scrub too.

3. Paste of three teaspoons of coffee powder with one-teaspoon of milk gives you a refreshed and glowing skin.


1. Yes, Tomatoes in your kitchen give you wonders on your skin.

2. Tomato juice can make your skin firm & opens up pores and reduces the acne on face.

3. Tomato juice is also known to brighten-up the skin tone. On a tired day, apply it by using cotton balls, and it will help in removing excess oil from your face.


1. Curd acts as a natural bleaching agent that deep-cleanses your skin while enhancing its tone.

2. It works great on oily skin to make it oil free. It can also be mixed while preparing any face pack, scrub or hair mask.

3. Curd mask makes a lifeless and dry hair into a shiny and silky lustrous-than-ever hair.


1. Milk acts as an excellent cleanser on the body. This will make your skin softer while leaving you with an even-toned complexion.

2. It gives you a clean and dirt free skin when applied frequently. Proteins present in milk observed by the skin.

3. Therefore it opens up pores and gives you smooth and clear skin. It acts as a simple and best beauty regime.


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