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Water Crisis: Not Only Chennaites But It’s High Time Even We Should Start Worrying


Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu is the sixth most populous state in our country. IT, Tourism, Infrastructure lanti vishyallo migatha Indian states tho poti padthunna ee state last 15 years nundi enno natural disasters and calamities ni face cheyalsi vastundi. Aa madhya huge rains tho city ki huge damage jarigindi.


Aa rains nundi kolukuni ippudu ippude situations antha change avtunnayi anukuntunna time lo ippudu inko kastam vacchi padindi Chennai ki. Ippudu vacchina kastam vana kadu varadalu antha kanna kadu. Ippudu Chennai prajalaki vacchina kastam drinking water. Ekkada chusina water vessels and bubbles pattukuni Chennai residents antha water kosam city lo roads meedha tirgutunaru.

Last 15 years lo eppudu lenantha ga Chennai water crisis ni face chestundi. Enduku? Anedi teliyali ante ee story chadavali.

1. 13-year delay in Master Plan notification, 25-year delay in revision of State Water Policy

According to CAG 2017 report, TN government failed to restore water in reservoirs and using it in a proper way in the last 15 years. Chennai ki water supply chese four major reservoirs lo water storage level just 1% undi antene ardam cheskovachu government planning entha poor ga undho.

Government & water bodies should play a pivotal role in conserving water and how to use it properly.

2. Almost 2400 acres of water bodies disappeared by 2016

Last four decades lo state lo urbanisation and development valla unna wetlands, chinna chinna lakes tho saha mottham 33% wetlands 2400 acres of water bodies disappeared aiyyayi ani Anna University survey lo telindi. Mundu chupu lekunda ee 4decades lo different governments tisukunna nirnaya laku ee roju people suffer avtunnaru.

So, saving wetlands, lakes plays a major role anamata.

3. Both government and public failed to harvest rain water

Yes, monsoons lo pade rains and rain water ni harvest cheyadam lo TN government and public lo kuda awareness lekapovadam valla ippudu minimum ground level water kuda leka ibbandulu padtunnaru.

So, both government and public ante everyone of us should conserve rain water through rainwater pits and

4. Using excess water for urbanisation, commercial purpose, industrialization etc etc

City lo katte flyovers, roads and malls kosam excess water use cheyadam, commercial purpose like malls, theatres lo water wastage and industrialization peru tho industries ki water release cheyadam daggara nundi residential areas lo intlo kuda borewells ki oka policy lekapovadam lantivi ee roju Chennai ni water crisis face chese la chesayi.

Government should take measures and apply water policy from ground level. Not only government but common people should have basic water storage and using precautions.

5. Polluting three major rivers of Tamilnadu

Cooum, Kosasthaliyar and Adyar Chennai city ki major water supply chese ee three rivers mottham industrial wastage and plastic garbage tho pollute avvadam tho ippudu andulo unna water antha pollute avadam tho Chennai ki water scarcity perigipoindi.

Idi Chennai tho aagadu repu migatha cities kuda ilane water scarcity or crisis ni face cheyalsi vastundi.

What Citizens Have To Do:

1. Citizens must embrace rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling and water conservation methods to build resilience.

2. Citizens must understand and push for better water governance.

3. Sustainable master plans, empowered local governments and vigilant watch dogs bodies are critical to ensuring Chennai’s water security.

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