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5 Common Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid This Festive Season


The festive season has arrived, Navratri is a 9 day festival, which started on 29th September, Dussehra falls on 8th October this year, and soon after Dussehra we have Diwali upon us, this festive season can bring huge changes to our diet, as our diet is heavily influenced by the sweets and foods which are offered in this festival. Many devotees fast during this festive season to show their devotion and they refrain from eating meat, fish, and eggs. They adopt a light diet; the festive diet does not contain legumes, lentils, and rice, if you happen to be a diabetic, you must be extra careful and must consult an expert before you start fasting. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the common mistakes people make during this time, let’s get started:-

Fasting for too long

Though fasting is a traditional process, It is not a wise idea to stay hungry for too long during fasting. Make sure that you keep eating something from time to time, Keep your snacks light and healthy, make sure they are dense in nutrients like fruits and nuts.

Eating too many sweets

No Indian festival is complete without sweets, especially Navratri and Diwali, sweets are exchanged between relatives, But eating too many sweet can be dangerous for you and it can spike up your blood sugar levels. Therefore, be careful that you don’t eat too many sweets and you should be fine.

Not drinking enough water

This is especially for those who are diabetics, It is crucial that diabetics stay hydrated at all times. Diabetics are often dehydrated because they have weak kidneys and the kidney gets overworked and is expels fluids at a rapid speed. It is, thus, very important for diabetics to drink enough water to prevent them from getting dehydrated.

Eating starchy foods

Too much starchy food is bad for your health, one of these foods is potato, which is a popular and commonly used vrat ingredient, eating too many potatoes can spike your blood sugar levels, which is not good for you as Potatoes are full of starchy carbohydrates. A healthy alternative is a Sweet potato, which is a good source of carbs.

Not choosing wisely

If you are fasting, your choices are pretty limited, but its all about choosing the right ingredients, yes, you cannot include grains and cereals in your diet, but there are a number of healthy alternatives to these ingredients like Buckwheat, water chestnut flour, and singhara atta, these ingredients  will provide you great energy and are healthy for you.

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