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5 Common Lies We Say To Our Parents


There is no doubt that we all love our parents more than anything. But we should accept that we lied to them many times. Even though we tried to tell them the truth, but because of situations, we sometimes continue the same lie for weeks. Let’s have a look at the few common lies, we say to our parents very often:

1. Group studiesWell, under this mask, we used to hang out with our friends or busy in watching the TV series or playing games.

2. I never smoke or drinkSometimes, because of your friends, your parents get to know about your habits. When they question you, naturally you start playing the blame game.

3. My teacher is biased; so that’s why I failedIt’s easy to find many people like you who’ve made their teachers into villains, mainly when you get bad grades. You won’t accept that you didn’t prepare well.

4. It’s only all-girls’ sleepover As most of our parents won’t allow mingling with opposite gender during late hours, we always use this thing. After all, you are living your life on your terms.

5. He is just my friendWell, we don’t want our parents to know about our boyfriend. So, apparently, we introduce them to our friends. Even if we caught while talking to them, we would use any of our girl’s names.

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