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5 Misconceptions that Our Society And Men Hold For Women


Oka ammayi ni judge chesinantha easy ga society oka abbayi ni judge cheyyadhu, mari reason ento ippatiki we don’t understand. It’s very easy for people to judge a woman, by her dressing also by the colour of lipstick she wears, her way of talking as well as walking. Enni centuries aina e manushulu mararemo…Hope this article becomes a drop in the ocean of eradication of gender bias concept.


Misconceptions society
Naku thelisinantha varaku party is something which brings out a human from normal day-to-day life. Refreshments kosam andhariki parties’ anevi avasaram, anthe kani vadu abbay kabatti parties ki vellocchu and nuv ammay andhuke vellodhu ane concept eh peddha trash! Final ga… I am saying that don’t define a girls character with such kind of silly reasons. Let them go and know about the world.


Oka ammay short dress veskundhi ante inka anthe, thana paina judgements, character meedha assessments anni start avthay, I don’t understand asal dress ki character ki samandham ento!


Oka ammai studies kosamo, job gurincho vantariga undalsi vasthundhi, Alanti condtions lo, I think society should support her more. Support ivvaka poga they will doubt her and put her in a pathetic situation. Ilantivi vanish aipovali.


Ammayilaki freedom ivvakudadhu, isthe vallu limits cross chestharu ani anukokandi, every human on the earth deserves freedom. If one should create wonders and follow his crazy passions.. freedom ivvali appude I think we can see the world changing.


Oka ammay thana emotions ni meetho share cheskuntundhi ante, she is considering you as a well-wisher. Ah acquaintance ni respect chesi you need to be supportive.

Thanks for the boys who have been and are being supportive! Salute to all the broad-minded parents who let their daughters follow their heart.

Comment and let me know if there are any other cases you faced. Hope you got the point what I actually wanted to share from the article. Thank you!

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