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5 Shocking Side Effects Of The Food You Eat Daily


1.Chewing Gums: DiarrheaChala chewing gums lo Sorbitol untundhi. Sugar Free chewing gums lo inka ekkuva sorbitol untundhi. Mana intestines ni sorbitol absorb cheyadhu, anduke it acts as a laxative. Meeku chewing gums chala ishtam ante, takkuva cheyandi, you don’t want to go to the loo a numerous times!
2.Carrots and dates: Skin ColourCarrot lo carotene untadhi. Carotene eh carrots ki orange colour istundhi. Carotene beetroots,cucumber inka dates lo kuda untaayi. Meeru chala carrots thinte mee skin colour orange ayipothundhi.
3.Tea & Coffee: Cools your body
Summer lo em taaguthaaru ante evaranna coffee inka tea ani answer isthe entha weird ga untadhi kadha? Kaani actually coffee and tea cools your body. Hot tea ledha coffee taaguthe your body starts sweating which makes your body cooler.
4.Alcohol: Boosts your subconscious memoryAlchohol taaginnapudu you feel the “buzz” right? Endukante mee brain dopamine release chestadhi. “Buzz” ivvadamu eh kaaka it helps your brain, subconscious ga memories create cheyadaaniki.
5.Mulberries: Gets you highRipe mulberries black colour lo untundhi inka are sweet to taste. Unriped mulberries, red colour lo untundhi inka hallucinogenic properties untaayi. Ekkuvaga red mulberries thinte you will get high. Adhe kaakunda it even causes diarrhea because of it acts a laxative.

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