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6 Side Effects of Papaya


Healthy nutrients mana body ki chala avasaram and these nutrients are absorbed by the body only when there is proper nutritious food. Anni fruits tho compare chesthey papaya is a low calorie and most healthy fruit. Ee fruit weight loss, good digestion inka antioxidants lantivi promote chesthundi. Dintlo unna high fibre content bad stomach problems inka constipation lanti problems nunchi relief chesi body ni stabilise chesthundi. Papaya lo unna antibacterial properties good digestion ki promote chesthundi, ee fruit lo beta-carotene eyesight ni protect chesthundi. Kanii ee fruit machidi ani excess ga tintey kuda side effects untai. Kani fruit tho side effects emi untai ani doubt osthundi but anything excess has a bad effect on the body. ekkada manam side effects of papaya gurinchi thelsukundham.

1. Leads to Digestive Issues:

Ee fruit lo unna fiber constipation problems ni reduce chesthundi kani excess consumption may lead to discomfort in the stomach and causes diarrhoea, in turn, leads to dehydration.

2. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels:

Fermented papaya body blood sugar levels drastic ga lower chesthundi.

3. Respiratory Disorders:

Papaya lo papain aney potential allergen untundi, excess consumption of papaya respiratory disorders like asthma, congestion inka wheezing lanti problems ni increase chesthundi.

4. Allergies:

Excess consumption digestion issues tho patu swelling, dizziness, headache inka skin rashes osthai.

5. Does not go Well With Medication:

Papaya blood thinning medication tho react ayyi bleeding inka bruising chances ni increase chesthundi.

6. Not Good for Pregnant Women:

Unripe papaya lo high amount latex untundi, ee latex uterine contraction increase chesi fetus pyna effect paduthundi.

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