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6 Types Of Biryanis From The Telugu Speaking States!


Biryanis has been our favourite food for a while now. Honestly, we are obsessed with it. All we need is an excuse to gobble up a scrumptious plate of hot biryani. And, why not? Is there anything that tastes like it?
When we speak of biryani, our humble Hyderabadi biryani pops up in our minds and hearts. Us, Hyderabadis love it so much, that we will get into a fight with anyone who tries to demean our favourite food. But, is Hyderabadi Biryani the only sort that is loved by the locals? No, the Telugu-speaking states, Telangana and Andhra are a home to several types of biryanis. Originating from these states, these biryanis are authentic, loaded with spices and local flavours. So, here are 6 best biryanis that you must try from the Telugu Cuisine.

1.Raju Gaari Kodi Pulao

Perhaps, the most favourite biryani from the Andhra region, this Raju Gaari Kodi Pulao is cooked with simple ingredients. All you need is chicken, lots of garlic, onions and green chillies. This is also a One-pot meal and hence if you are craving for biryanis on a lazy day, then you must try this one.
Pro tip: The soul of the dish is the heat and spice it gets from green chillies. So ensure you make fresh green chilly paste while cooking.

2.Ulavachaaru Biryani

Authentic, flavourful and coming from the kitchen of the Telugu states, Ulavachaaru Biryani can be made with our without Chicken. It is cooked with horse gram, vegetables/chicken and exotic vegetable spices. For those who love some tanginess in their food, this biryani is a must-try.

3.Konaseema Chicken Biryani

Coming right from our Konaseema Vantillu, is its famous Chicken Biryani. The best part about this biryani is that is a fusion of Andhra biryani and Hyderabadi biryani. It is made with hyderabadi biryani masalas in a traditional Andhra style. The biryani is not dum cooked in this type of biryani.

4.Gongura Biryani

If there is something that is equally loved by everyone across the Telugu states is Gongura or Sorrel leaves. And what better than combining gongura and biryani? While gongura biryani can be cooked with vegetables and chicken, but the star is definitely Gongura Mutton biryani. The sorrel leaves paste, spices mixed with mutton adds great flavours to the dish. A must-try if you ask us.

5.Aavakaya Biryani

Aavakaya or Pickle made with raw mangoes is extremely famous in the Southern states of India. And, what better than combining it with our favourite dish, biryani? Made from the scratch, aavakaya biryani is mostly a vegetarian biryani. But, off-late several fusions have been made with this biryani too. People have started making aavakaya with chicken, prawns, mutton and are also making biryanis with these non-vegetarian pickles.

6.Natu Kodi Biryani

Natu Kodi from the Rayalaseema region is an absolute delight. Natu Kodi Biryani is basically cooked with country, chicken, basmati rice and several spices. This type of biryani is also loved because of its heat and spice. The rich and authentic spices get nicely seeped in to the rice making it even more mouth-watering.

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