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7 facts about Mithali Raj that will make us go wow..!!


Mithali Dorai Raj..! manaki telini manishi kaadu.. At Least maa generation vaalu women’s cricket chustunna dagaraninchi okka oopu ooputunna cricketer aavida.. Recent gaa jarugutunna world cup lo indian team chaala baaga aadtundi ante daani credit manam captain ki kuda ivvali.. So aa captain Mithali gaaru… Mithali gaari gurinchi konni facts ippudu matladukundam…

1.Reader :
Mithali is a passionate reader… She says reading books helps her stay calm. Even before to her match against England, she was seen reading a book by jalaluddin rumi on life essentials.

2. She was awarded Arjuna Award in 2003 and Padma Shri in 2015:

3. Her father Dorai Raj was an officer in the Indian Air Force

5.Before taking up cricket Mithali was a classical dancer. She learned Bharatanatyam and wanted to grow in that area.

6.On her debut, Mithali was just 16 years and 250 days old. She is the youngest female cricketer to score a hundred on her ODI debut…

7. She is stated as a “dangerous cricketer” due to her composure at the crease and brisk scoring ability.

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